Thinking Out Loud #1

Since I am now running a blog, of course I have to hop onto Amanda’s link up! She is one of my favorite bloggers. Thank you for hosting this thinking out loud post.

1. Waking up on the first day of 2014 actually felt like the start of a new year. I don’t know what it was (maybe staying up for an extra hour past midnight to wish everyone a happy new years..), but I was happy with the feeling of a fresh new start. Of course I had to start my morning off with a cup of Peppermint Mocha coffee and oats (the usual routine), but the atmosphere in my house felt.. alive. Makes no sense since everyone was still snoozing away, but let’s just go with it. Like I said in my last post, here’s to a new year. 🙂

2. I finally did it. I finally moved up a level in the fitness world. I went from doing at home pilates workouts (Blogilates , she’s so adorable and motivating – highly recommended!) to joining a gym. A gym that has hands on personal trainers at all times, a wide range of classes available, an indoor pool, a spacious locker room, a spa (heavenly..), and an all around positive atmosphere. If there is a Fitness Works in your town, I definitely recommend it!

3. Being that I just joined a gym, I got a one on one session with a personal trainer. He was very optimistic. Just what I needed (and not some drill sargent yelling at me to GO! GO! GO!) to push through an effective workout. In between reps, he would talk to me about my goals, and I happened to mention that I would love to compete one day for bikini figure. Right then and there he chippered up and helped me set up a plan for lifting and wait for it… NO unimaginable endless hour of cardio.. just 30 minutes on the stair master a few times a week! He calls it “Operation Booty.”

4. Aside from the fitness aspect of things, I have recently finished the book Fast Food Nation by Erin Schlosser. That book really opened up my eyes to the economic aspect of fast food chains and how their profit methods really affect how the food we pick up is made. I can’t say I’ll be eating at a McDonald’s anytime soon..

5. I don’t know what it is.. but I have been really craving (I guess you can call it that xD) to go to Disneyland lately. I went for my first time two years ago for my birthday and have not been back since. It was an experience I will never forget. I guess it’s time for me to start saving to be able to step into the Happiest Place on Earth once again (and to release my inner child and squeal over the characters. ;))

6. Does anyone else get really nervous when receiving a message saying “Can I ask you something?” or is it just me? I don’t know what it is (I did nothing wrong..) but my heart starts racing and butterflies emerge from the hidden depths of my tummy.

7. Can’t we all just agree that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most amazing human beings? She’s so funny, passionate, fearless, beautiful, unique. I kid you not.. I spent a good three hours watching her different interviews teary eyed and belly sore from laughing so hard. She’s such an inspiration.

8. I may or may not have a slight addiction to playing my Nintendo 64 after uncovering it hidden beneath picture frames and homemade holiday cards in the boxes from the garage. I may or may not play Diddy Kong Racing into the deep hours of the night. I may or may not become a competitive little soul when competing against computer players in Mario Party 6.. But, who’s to say whether I am or not? 😉

9. Hi. my name is Natalie and I love breakfast foods at all hours of the day. Whether it be warm Apple Pie Oatmeal, strawberry jam covered french toast, protein pancakes and waffles, and who can forget breakfast sandwiches? There.. I admit it.. I came clean, but with NO shame. 😉

10. I really enjoyed doing this thinking out loud. Thanks again, Amanda! It was really fun. I am definitely looking forward to doing these in the future! 🙂

-Do you love breakfast foods at all hours of the day? If so, which one is your favorite? (If you can choose just one. ;))

-What are some good books you’ve read recently?

-What is your favorite childhood gadget?


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #1

  1. Mario Party – oh, the memories! We never had a Playstation at home but a friend of mine did and we spent hours and hours playing Mario Party. Luckily, I always got to pick first and went with a princess. I only remember one of them, Peaches. Now you’ve gotten me curious to play it again.
    One of the last really awesome books I read was ‘Gold’ by Chris Cleave. He has a talent for stories that get you caught right away.

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