Positive Vibes Only, Please.

Today was hectic. School started back up, the work load has increased (as well as my stress levels), and I finally got my surprise from mother nature after 1 and 1/2 years. (TMI, I know.. I know.. but like I said, this is my open diary.) 


Anyways, after a long stressful day at school, I knew I needed to release some built up anxiety and stress at the gym. Naturally, I chose to workout my favorite muscles groups, my legs and glutes. (Operation build a booty in the process! ^-^) I was feeling energized after taking my Cellucoir C4 Blue Raz pre-workout and feeling beyond optimistic. I warmed up on the treadmill getting pumped up to “Spice Up Your Life – Spice Girls” and “Shake it – Metro Station”. No doubt was I ready. I got the barbell of 40 lbs (mind I am rebuilding back up my strength from a series of injuries) and got in deadlift prep position. Yes, I was struggling, BUT this was a PR for me! I was in my 2 set and as I looked in the mirror to check for good form, I see the girl next to me smirking at me as she was rushing through her deadlifts with 60 lbs. 


Why on earth do people feel it to be necessary to smirk at someone who is lifting less than they are?! What is so “funny” about it? Just because you’re lifting heavier does not mean you are better than that person. EVERYONE IS ON THEIR OWN FITNESS JOURNEY. I was out of the gym for months. Of course I lost some strength. Ever since I’ve joined, I have been taking it slow to focus on form and to prevent injury. I’ve been focusing on breathing properly. Granted I’m still getting back in the groove of things, and even feeling a bit confused at times, it still doesn’t mean you are a greater person than I am.


Working out is my therapy. It is my stress reliever. Working out is what I love. I have a passion for it. I love the gym. I am excited each day I get to go. The gym is a place where I grow stronger both physically and mentally. I push myself to new limits and I learn. Whenever someone struggles, I am there to help. 


The gym should be a place filled with positive energy and encouragement. People have set goals and are there to achieve them. Instead of putting someone down, laughing at them, or smirking at them, we should be there to motivate, to encourage, to help, to praise. I have respect for everyone at the gym whether they are lifting weights, running on the treadmill, swimming, yoga, taking a Zumba class. We are all there to grow and to achieve. The gym should be filled with helping hands, not show offs who think they’re better than someone who is working at what they can at their own pace.


Right now, I am in training for a bikini figure competition. I am working with other girls who are also in contest prep. It is amazing at the support they provide. It’s amazing how motivating and positive the fitness instructors are. I always feel my best around them. I help who I can whenever I can. I make sure to tell the staff to have a good day as I leave and to tell whoever else is around to have a good day as well. I praise people when they achieve a goal, because they deserve it. They hit a personal best! 


I’m sorry for the rant, but positive vibes only, please.


I hope everyone is having/has an amazing day. No matter where you are in life, I am proud of you.


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