A Day at Ease

Today was a day well needed. It was a day off from training. A day away from work. A day for my muscles to relax, my body to rest, and let my mind set at ease. It was a day of reflection. A day of comfort. A day of simple yet treasured bliss.


My first week back at school was a bit hectic. I enjoyed having two weeks off from assignments, tests, notes, stress. I mentally felt overwhelmed. I ditched the calculus and history text books for time with my family. I stored away the binders and the notebooks for a kitchen full of possibilities. I ditched the pencils and highlighters for weights and kettle bells. I did what made me happy. I didn’t think about school or “is this going to be on the next exam?” Now, I am back to the reality of school, trying to figure out time management, and learning new things (I can’t deny that it.. I love learning, so that isn’t such a bad thing.)


A day of self reflection comes a day of lessons..

  • It is okay to put away the school to take some time for yourself.
  • I need to set apart some time for activities that put my mind at ease.
  • I need to prioritize.
  • It is okay to just lay around and enjoy the comfort of not stressing.
  • A day off is needed in order to pull yourself together to prepare for the upcoming week ahead.
  • It is okay to have time for yourself. You work hard. You deserve it.

I enjoyed my day lounging around reading, spending time with my family, and doing what made me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE training, but my body needed rest. Today was needed to prepare me for the week ahead. A new week of school, of training, of learning to balance. 


Remember, it is okay to take a day to yourself. It’s okay to not work. You need it. Your mind needs it. Do what makes you happy. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy. ❤


I hope everyone is having/had an amazing day.


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