MIMM – I’m Glad To Be Home

Hey there and happy Monday! πŸ˜€ I for one like Mondays. (What?! Who likes Mondays? You’re crazy!) Hear me out. I like Mondays, because they are a brand new start to a brand new week. A week filled with new adventures and experiences. They are new beginnings. They are a chance to start over; be anew. They are full of new chances and a day to set new goals.

As you know (or maybe you don’t), I was in an accident where I was riding my bike and was hit by a car. I was hospitalized and am in a pretty serious condition right now. (You can view the details in the post.) I open with that, because that is what this post will be centered around. What?! A post full of marvels centered around a traumatic experience?! Like I said, hear me out. Read on and you will find the marvels that came out of this event.

Post: Β  https://lovenataliemarie.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/i-am-blessed-to-be-alive/


Thank you, http://www.healthydivaeats.com/ Β for hosting this marvelous Monday!

1. Marvelous is having your family surround you in the hospital bed full of love and support. I could not of asked for a greater blessing than having my family by my side while facing all of the x-rays, CAT-SCANs, an MRI, blood work, and all of the medication. I felt more at ease knowing they were there next to me. I appreciate how they took time off of work to stay with me through the pain and tears.

2. Marvelous is my aunt surprising me after my MRI with flowers and a balloon. I didn’t expect any of my other family to come. After laying in the machine for an hour and 20 minutes, it was a surprise I very much treasured.

photo (17)

3. Marvelous is knowing my prayers were answered and knowing I had a guardian angel over me. I was praying to God for hours to be alright and to stay alive.

4. Marvelous is finding out after two days that I was able to go home. Although I had to get stitches, facing the pain of road burn + cuts + bruises, a swollen ankle, and a fracture spine and neck, I am honestly grateful to be home. I hate hospitals.. they scare me.

5. Marvelous is being able to eat fresh fruits and veggies again after not being able to eat for 24 hours due to a neck brace and some hospital food that didn’t sit well with the medication.

photo (18)

6. Marvelous is all of the support and care I received from family, friends, the trainers at my gym, and you guys. I cannot put into words how thankful, grateful, and blessed I am to have received what I have. It honestly means so much to me.

7. Marvelous is being able to sleep a lot lately. My body needs it and I can’t complain. I love sleep.

8. Marvelous is being alive. Do I need an explanation?

I hope everyone is having/has an amazing week. You deserve it. ❀

-What was marvelous about your week?

-What are you blessed/thankful for?

-What goals or plans do you have for the new week?


6 thoughts on “MIMM – I’m Glad To Be Home

  1. Oh my goodness I missed your earlier post so I was shocked to read this! Praying for you girly! I am so so so glad you are okay and on your way to healing. I love how positive you are staying through this whole thing. It shows what an amazing person you are!

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