Thinking Out Loud #5 – I’ve Got The Power!

Hey there and happy Thursday! This week has just been flying by and it’s that time again. Time to release my inner thoughts into a discombobulated post where it is COMPLETELY acceptable. 😉


Thank you Amanda for hosting! 🙂

1. I have recently received the latest edition of Seventeen and did I find it empowering. Literally, I fell in love with the topics and absolutely felt so empowered and motivated. The main topic centered around Girl Power (that is possibly why “I got the power!” feeling after reading it). Reading all of the stories and experiences left me in awe. It was primarily about women under 21, and have so many younger women achieved so much ranging from action roles, to awards, to charities, to just everything. The tone was so uplifting, and I must say, they gave some pretty motivating advice that I will be incorporating into my life.

photo (49)

2. This week has been full of self reflection. Primarily on my emotional well beings and the factors contributing to it. This week has been filled with some heart heavy topics, but they were honestly what I needed to read. My emotions have been on a full on a wild roller coaster ranging from pure happiness, to burdening sadness, to giddiness, to just a bunch of other feelings. I’ve done some reflection on everything that has been going on and I have been making some changes for the better. You gotta do what makes you happy, even if it doesn’t make the others around you happy.

3. My sweet tooth has been on a rampage lately. I kid you not, I have at least one candy before bed every night. Last week it was Almond Joys (major coconut cravings!) and now it’s Twix this week. I’m a girl who loves her chocolate. What can I say? 😉

4. My parents decided that we’re going to be moving again to a more busier part of town. They want to open up a restaurant and follow their dreams. Guess who’s getting a guaranteed job to serve food AND come up with recipes? This girl! HOLLA! 😀

5. I think Amanda would be proud of me for me being able to say that I have been keeping up with the memory jar. I have kept up with it. I will definitely be keeping up with it and will be looking forward to that reminiscing moment at the end of the year.

photo (50)

6. So.. Valentines day is next Friday. Guess who’s treating HERSELF to chocolate, flowers, a home cooked meal, and a movie night? This girl! It will be a night of rest and relaxation. 😉

7. I’ve been really happy to hear all of your positive responses on the recipes (1, 2, 3) I have posted thus far. When I recover, I will definitely been in the kitchen whipping up some more recipes!

8. Speaking of cooking and baking.. does anyone else get utterly inspired to open up a restaurant or bakery after watching cooking shows? I kid you not, after I watch some episodes, I officially plan out all of the retails of what food place I want to open up, what will be on the menu, the theme, etc. It gets a bit hectic. I have like a whole notebook full of ideas!

9. I have been aching for more sleep lately. My work load has increased so much that sleep seems to be a pure blessing once my head hits the pillow. At least I have blogging to keep me sane.

10. I really want to open up and make new friends. I am an introvert so naturally I keep to myself most of the time. I want to break out of my shell. I want YOU to introduce yourself to me in the comments. Let’s become friends? Yes? Yes.

I hope everyone is having/has an amazing day. ❤

-What are some of your random thoughts?

-What recipes would you like to be seen made?

-Tell me about you! Let’s be friends! 😀


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14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #5 – I’ve Got The Power!

  1. So I’m curious about this memory jar…do you just put random thoughts/memories into a jar and let them collect over time? that seems like a GREAT idea!
    I hope that with everything that is going on with you lately that you can see the positivity in your situation…everything will ALL work out in the end because it always does!
    Not only do I feel inspired to after watching cooking shows, but I also get really hungry hahaha!

    And good for you trying to open up and meet new people – it is hard sometimes for introverts, but sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there and see what happens! When you make the effort, things happen!
    Sooo…ya let’s be friends…and tell me more about yourself! Okay? Cool!
    What type of music do you like? sports? movies? etc…lay it on me girl!

    • Yeah, you can do it however you want! I personally write down every day all of the positive experiences and memories plus one thing I am thankful for from that day. It’s a jar that accumulates all of the memories from the entire year, and on the last day, you open the jar and can reminisce the past year. It’s so heart warming. 🙂
      I have been keeping a positive mentality about everything. Granted, things are hard, but I know I will get through them! I am grateful to be alive! 😀
      Haha Those wonderful cooking shows.

      Yeah, I am trying to put myself out there to meet new people in person and through blogging!
      Alright, alright, and alright let’s begin ^-^
      *Ahem, ahem*So to begin, my name is Natalie. I was born on December 9th in New York. I currently live in Arizona. I am going to get my degree in education and fitness/nutrition! I want to be a kindergarten teacher and a personal trainer. I love volunteering; I help blind children on the weekend. 🙂 I am a book worm, most definitely. I love learning. I love knowledge. I like listening to anything that fits my mood and that I can get jiggy with. 😉 Haha, man am I lame! I have been into some Bruno Mars, A Great Big World, Hillsong United, etc. I like to listen too some hip hop and dubstep when I lift weights, because it just pumps me up! Haha. I am also a fan of country. 🙂 I love playing volleyball, soccer, and basketball. As you can see, I really am into physical activity! I also enjoy running and hiking. I love the outdoors. My all time favorite movie is Titanic. Frozen being the second, of course. 😉 I am a HUGE food lover. I love cooking and baking. I am really creative when it comes to drawing, painting, and sculpting. I love writing. My favorite animals is an owl. My favorite color is purple. I’m American, English, and German. If you have any other questions, ask me anytime! ^-^

      Your turn girlie!

      • Haah I love this!!!
        I am totally with you on loving being physically active – outside doing anything and I’m pretty much happy to be there – running, swimming, biking, hiking, rollerblading, etc. Food is awesome – I’m not very creative with it, but I definitely appreciate when other people put together elaborate, delicious meals!

        I’m a senior at University of Michigan..studying political science. Not sure what I want to do for a living, though as I have since changed my career path (I was going to go the Law School route, but that has since changed).
        I was born Toronto in December 4th so YAY December birthdays! So ya, I am Canadian – Lived there until I was 14…still a citizen FTW!!! Go Canada!
        And btw I LOVE Arizona sooo I’m super jealous you live there! Can you send some warm weather my way????
        I am OBSESSED with music. I have a wide range, but I don’t really like country 😉 hahah. I go to concerts pretty much on a weekly basis, and I have been to more than I can count. I’ve also been to several music festivals including Lolla and Electric Daisy Carnival…I’m sorta an EDM junkie. I am known to spend hours downloading music and scouring the internet for new stuff. I especially like funky electronic music! Yes, it exists, and it is sorta AWESOME!
        I also am addicted to fruit – I go through it like it is nobody’s business.
        That’s all I can think of for right now!
        And I love that you have a lot of direction and know exactly what you want to do for a career, and being a teacher and a personal trainer sounds like a dream :)!!

        Have a great day!

      • I just love the outdoors! When it’s the right weather, of course. Although I love winter, I am such a baby when it comes to the cold weather. :p
        Swimming is so much fun. You’ll always catch me poolside when Summer comes around! I haven’t been rollerblading in years! I am more or a bike rider, but I want to get back into it. 🙂 I love cooking, baking, eating, and looking at food. 😀

        All I can suggest is that you do what you think will make you happy. Heck, after seeing post on her trip to Disneyland, I decided I want to be either Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, or Tinkerbell (since I’ve been told I look like her 😀 ) at Disneyland. Pretty set on that one right now. Take me to Canada with you when you go back! I’ve always wanted to go. 🙂

        I’ll be glad to send you some warm weather! I am pretty jealous you get to go to so many concerts! I’ve only been to one my entire life and that was years ago. D:

        Fruit is amazing. FACT.

  2. Hi, my name is Amanda and I like chocolate and long walks on the beach — let’s be friends 😀 ❤ The blog world is seriously a great place to connect with people though, and blends are

    I'm loving that you're still keeping up with your memory jar! I look forward to filling mine out every night, and I even got some special little note papers to write my memory on — especially when it was a really good one 😉 And girl, I feel you on the sweet tooth. Mine is out.of.control.

    • Why hello there, Amanda. We have now officially become chocolate loving friends. 😀
      I’m really exciting to interact with new people and make some new friends!

      I do as well. I like to look back on the day and know that something good did happen, no matter if it seemed to be a good day. It will definitely be a heart warming experience to look back at the end of the year. 🙂

      What can we say? Us girls love our sweets. 😉

  3. I hear ya about the sweet tooth thing!! haha… but I love to satisfy my sweet tooth everyday because I feel like daily little treats prevent overeating later on… and lets be real, the first few bites are always the best!!! Hope that you have a great rest of your weekend!!

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