MIMM – What I Needed

Hello loveies and happy Monday! Yes, I know the “Ugh, Monday.. Why’d you have to come?!” feeling all too well, but lately, I have been enjoying them. Instead of focusing on it being the end of the weekend, I see it as a fresh start to a new week. To expand on today’s positivity, what better way then to recap my marvelous weekend?

mimm (1)

Thank you Katie for hosting!

Marvelous was… Watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics Friday night. Can I just say that I was blown away by the graphics and all the technological advancements this year?! I mean, come on! That recap of Russia’s progression left me in awe. All of the colors, music, and performers. Beautiful. Yes, their were technical malfunctions, but that performance took my breath away.


Marvelous was… FINALLY finishing The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. Don’t get me wrong, it was a really interesting read (Might I add it was one that made me cry and grow anger inside of me!), but it took me too long to read. On to the next book! 😀

Marvelous was… reuniting with some old friends! It was so nice to see them again. It was like we had never spent time apart. There was never a dull moment. The entire time we were filled with happiness, smiles, and laughs. You know those friends where you haven’t talked in so long, but once you finally hang out, it’s as if you just hung out yesterday? Yeah, that’s them.

Marvelous was… eating pizza and wings with my family. After so long of being on a strict plan, it felt so good to just enjoy some good food without any guilt. Intuitive eating is serving me well. 😉

photo (57)

Speaking of Intuitive EatingMarvelous was… starting to read Intuitive Eating. So far, I am really interested in it. Coming from multiple disorders and the wrong mindset about food, I know this book will be a very helpful tool for me on my journey to finding balance with food. 😀

photo (64)

I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing week! ❤

-What was marvelous about your weekend?

-What book are you currently reading?

-Are you an intuitive eater?


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12 thoughts on “MIMM – What I Needed

  1. How good is the Intuitive Eating book? It is seriously one of my favourite books that helped me start healing my relationship with food.

    I didn’t catch the opening ceremony but I have been watching the Olympics in general and enjoying it.

    I’m currently reading a Jodi Piccoult book Second Glance but I’m not enjoying it.

  2. Pizza and wingssss! Sounds delicious 😀 Even more delicious? Enjoying it without guilt. I struggled with a really strict and obsessive diet mindset for YEARS, but I can happily say that I’m finally finding my way back to intuitive eating. Like tonight? I had truffles for dinner 😆 Probably not something I’d do on a regular basis, but when you spend a day developing a recipe, making it, and then photographing it, it only makes sense to enjoy the fruits of your labour 🙂

    • It was delicious! Eating with guilt sucks, so embracing the moment was definitely a moment to remember. 😀
      I’m happy to hear that your relationship with food is getting better. So proud of you. ❤
      Truffles? YUM. I'm sensing a future recipe? 😉

  3. I’m reading two books, Women Food & God and The Paris Wife. I tried to read Intuitive Eating but I’m really all out of wack. I should give this book another shot though.

  4. Oh man, I know what book I am looking for next time I go to Barnes & Noble. I used to eat on a schedule which was really inconvenient. Now I eat when my body tells me to fuel it. Intuitive eating for the win!

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