Stop The Body Shaming

Ever since the Biggest Loser controversy, body shaming has constantly been on my mind. I knew from a young age what “society’s” and the “medias” version of the “perfect” body looked like – skinny, flawless skin, the perfect hair, spot on make up, hip bones and collarbones prominent, wearing the latest trends, etc. Every day we are bombarded with ads that have been photo shopped telling us what to buy to look beautiful and  to lose weight.

The media, especially Tumblr, has been filled with images of the “ever-so-glorious” thigh gap, a flat stomach, quotes strongly implying that skinny is better than having some extra pounds. It’s filled with messages promoting all the new ways to lose weight and “feel better than ever.” Well, what if people are happy with their body?

The other day, I was in class and I kid you not, I heard a girl say “I’m fat. Look, I don’t have a thigh gap!” Oh, I didn’t know that just because you don’t have a thigh gap that you’re automatically fat. I was speechless after hearing that. My teachers reply, however, was spot on. “Just because you don’t have a thigh gap doesn’t mean your fat. Their are all different body types, and some just aren’t made to have a thigh gap. I don’t get what all the rave is all about. You have skinny legs. Big deal. Your mentality and personality is more important to be concerned about, not how little fat you have.” I agree with him 100%. Not all body are made to have the “thigh gap” or “bikini bridge.” They are just not structured that way. The reason some girls are able too, is because they have a wider hip bone structure.

On social media, I always see those tweets or posts glorifying a small waist, a big bust, a big butt, and “a pretty face.” I’ve seem posts making fun of people saying “Eww, she’s so fat,” “I’ll never date someone who’s fat,” “Where them skinny girls at?,” “I’ll only date a dime.” Honestly, that infuriates me and saddens me at the same time. What’s wrong with the girls who don’t have all of those physical qualities? Why are you only limiting yourself to those girls? Why are looks so important to you? What about the personality? This is not just about guys shaming girls, I’ve seen it vice-versa as well. “I’ll only date an athlete,” “my man has got to be in shape,” “I’ll only date someone who looks good and wears x type of clothing,” etc. What about the guys who don’t fit your physical standards? Why are you limiting yourself based on their looks? Why aren’t you expanding your horizon past looks?

I’ve witnessed people get shut down because of how they looked. They are some of the sweetest and most caring individuals I have come to interact with. They have a beautiful heart, and in my eyes, they are all beautiful and handsome. Just because someone doesn’t look like your “ideal” person, that has probably been influenced by the media, doesn’t mean you should make fun of them. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone has unique qualities about themselves. Look past what is glorified as what is “beauty.” I am tired of the body shaming. Nobody should be made fun of or discouraged just because of how they look and how much they weigh. Nobody’s worth is determined by the number on the scale or the size of clothing they wear.

I love the Aerie campaign, because they aren’t photoshopping their images. They are promoting love for all body types. If only more people would realize that it is not all about looks and what the media portrays. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are not defined based on your weight. You are worth it. You are amazing. Embrace your body and who you are. Nothing is wrong with you. It’s the media. Love yourself.

-What are your thoughts on body shaming?

-What advice do you have on loving yourself?


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5 thoughts on “Stop The Body Shaming

  1. I LOVE the aerie campaign! It is sooo nice to see just normal people of every shape and size – slim to curvy – being photographed!
    Body shaming is just horrible! I can’t stand it! The other day, two of my girlfriends were talking about how they with they had “ana hands” and I was like what the heck are “ana hands?”
    Apparently, “ana hands” means you have really skinny, somewhat veiny, hands. They proceeded to tell me (not knowing about my past) that I have really good “ana hands.”
    Definitely put a sour taste in my mouth. One thing I hate is when girls constantly comment about weight and size in an envious manner. Because, little to they know that I don’t loveee being skinny anymore, but I love to run a lot, so it sorta goes hand in hand and I deal with it.
    Anyways, this is just a mini tangent im on right now hahah!!

    Great post!



    • I loved seeing all of the body variations! They’re all so beautiful and sends such a positive message! 😀

      I’ve never heard of “ana hands.” I guess I can be categorized with those. 😮
      I don’t like it either. I promote self love! It’s your body and is capable of so much! It’s a blessing and should be truly appreciated. ❤
      I'm happy that you focus on the love for running and not the skinny aspect. I just strive to be healthy.

      Thank you! I loved hearing your input. 🙂

  2. I love this AE campaign. It’s so nice to see REAL women modeling bras. As much as the VS models are nice to look at, their bodies are completely unattainable for most women.

    And it makes me really sad to hear about that girl in your class. I can’t believe people actually believe that!

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