WIAW – Eat All The Food

Guess what day it is? It’s hump day! Happy WIAW fellow foodies. 😉 This week has been filled with foods full of volume. Voluminous food and I were just meant to be. Let the spotlight on food BEGIN.


Thank you Jenn for hosting!

photo (52)

A quesadilla filled with steak + ground lean beef + skim mozzarella cheese, roasted chicken, and steamed broccoli cuts.

photo (53)

Whole wheat penne pasta topped with tomato sauce and ground lean beef and a side of steamed broccoli cuts.

photo (54)

Grilled chicken, fresh green beans, and roasted sweet potato.

photo (55)

Warm Apple Pie Oats with peanut butter and a side of coffee.

photo (56)

Grilled chicken, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, steamed broccoli cuts, and trail mix.

photo (57)

Pizza, wings, grilled chicken, carrots, and cabbage.

photo (58)

Warm PB&J Melted Banana Oatmeal with a side of coffee.

photo (59)

Apple slices, strawberries, trail mix, grapes, and carrots.

photo (60)

Roasted chicken, corn, mashed sweet potato, steamed cauliflower, and steamed zucchini.

photo (65)

Steak, fries, and peas.

photo (66)

Pork chop, brown rice, and veggies topped with green chili sauce.

I hope you have an amazing day. ❤

-Are you a volume eater?

-What’s your favorite meal?

-What were some of your delicious eats?


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15 thoughts on “WIAW – Eat All The Food

  1. Chicken, green beans and sweet potatoes – YUM! 🙂

    I have to say that my favorite meal on the face of the planet is salmon, spaghetti squash, spinach, green beans & nori! Three days don’t go by where I don’t eat it! ha ha.

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