Spill It Sunday – Reality TV

Hola mi amigo(a)s! I’m not a big tv watcher, but I have come across quite a few different shows on those late nights where I am endlessly flipping through the channels. Can I just say that shows have changed quite drastically over the past decade? Starting out with cartoons, then transitioning to Disney and Nickelodeon shows like That’s So Raven and Rugrats, to now The Real Housewives of _____ and Bad Girls Club.


Awkward Selfie.

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1. What is your favourite Reality TV show?

I would have to say America’s Next Top Model. I just love Tyra Bank’s fierceness. 😀 You can’t deny how sassy and confident she is. She is a big advocate on confidence and personal empowerment which I love.

I’m always amazed at the different themes and how creative the outfits/makeup becomes. I still know the theme song by heart. You wanna be on top?

I also enjoy Face Off and Impractical Jokers.

2. What competition reality TV show do you think would be your best shot of winning?

Deal or no Deal. I may or may not of won the jackpot at a game in Las Vegas. 😉 I think I’d have some pretty good chances with some good strategical skills.

Fitness wise, I would have to go with Dancing the Stars (let’s just pretend I’m a star 😉 ) or So You Think You Can Dance. This girl can get dooooown.

Cooking wise would have to be Cupcake Wars or Chopped. 😀

3. What is the worst reality TV show competition out there?

Fear Factor.. I could never handle some of those challenges. *queasy face emoji*

4. A reality TV show you’d never admit to watching but secretly enjoy?

From time to time I like watching Bad Girls Club. I started watching it with my sister a few years back one Summer, so it’s our little sister tradition. Those girls are something else.

5. Which reality TV star do you find has accomplished something?

Does Kelly Clarkson count from American Idol? I mean she is doing amazing. 😀

6. Worst Reality TV show?

Erm.. Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Real Housewives.

I can’t…

I hope you have an amazing day. ❤

-What’s your favorite tv show?

-What show would you like to be on?

-What’s your guilty pleasure show?


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7 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday – Reality TV

    • Haha, you can’t deny the power of America’s Next Top Model! 😉

      I love Face Off. The competitors can be pretty dramatic at times, but it blows me away with the end results! I highly recommend it. 😀

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