Trade ‘Em Up

Ahh, another weekend in the books and a brand new start to a new week. I love the start to a new week, because it brings all new adventures. I’m going to go a new way and go with a Trade Em’ Up (I think that’s what they’re called) like Alex. 🙂

I wouldn’t trade… the amount of determination I had yesterday. Knocked out a few assignments that aren’t due until the end of April. Holla! 😀 This song is appropriate, right? 

I wouldn’t trade… the amount of reading I’ve done lately. Knocking out pages like it’s nobody’s business.

I would trade… cancelled plans. I had a few plans to head out and hang out with some new friends, but the downpour called for rearrangements.

I wouldn’t trade… the beautiful rainy weather Arizona had been having lately.

I wouldn’t trade… easing back into workout. This weekend, I felt good enough to do a Pilates workout to slowly ease back into being more active. Speaking of being more active, I started taking some evening walks and it has brought a lot of clarity.

I wouldn’t trade… my binge watching on Netflix this weekend. I knocked out The Carrie Diaries, The Following, and The B***h in Apt 13.

I would trade… the over thinking that comes to me at night. I don’t know what’s been triggering it, but I have been in shut down mode once I lay in bed to go to sleep.

I wouldn’t trade… the amount of sleep I have been getting lately.

I would trade… my friend, Kalie, being in the hospital. I know she is going through a lot, so my thoughts and prayers are going out to her. ❤

I wouldn’t trade… the time I have been choosing for me. Yes, I may have put off some work, but it was some well needed time that I needed. I put away all of the stresses and just relaxed. School has been hectic as the weeks dwindle down to Spring Break. Typical how the teachers pile everything on before break comes.. *le sigh*

I wouldn’t trade… my Diet Snapple Peach Teas. 😀

photo (68)

I wouldn’t trade… getting the news that I am moving in May. I can’t wait to get to a new area and see my parents start their dream.

I wouldn’t trade… my itch for running coming back.

I would trade… the warmer weather coming back. I’m excited for it to be Spring, but then that’s closer to 120 degree Summer weather. Oh joyous.

I wouldn’t trade.. opening up from shell and meeting a bunch of new people. Seriously, it feels good to meet new people and try new things.

I hope you have an amazing week. ❤

mimm (1)

-What wouldn’t you trade?

-What would you trade?

-What did you do over the weekend?

-What are you looking forward to this week?


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10 thoughts on “Trade ‘Em Up

  1. i played dress up with my mom’s old maternity clothes – we couldn’t stop laughing as i sported her muu-muu and we took side by side pictures of then and now!

  2. Prayers for your friend. Hope she is doing ok ❤
    And YES to opening up and meeting new people! I really need to get on that….Im such a loner. Im just shy like that I guess, which is probably why God made my husband so dang outgoing~!!

  3. well I am sure glad you joined this, I dig my tuesday trade ups. totally live for them. Prayers for your friend as well, will be keeping you all in my thoughts. The Following is awesome and so addicting, this season is already off with a bang!

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