Marvelous Is…

Happy happy Monday everyone! I am especially happy today, because Friday afternoon marks the beginning of Spring Break! Oh, you don’t even know how excited I am to take a break from school and spend some much needed time with friends and family. Usually, I stay in but not this time. I am not going to confine myself to my room. I am going to go out and have fun! *transitionbacktopresent* I have to say that this weekend was pretty much “I need time to myself so I can reevaluate my life and change what’s holding me back” kind of ordeal. Recently, I received some unpleasant news which really got me thinking. Not in the “Over thinking kills my mood” kind of way, but the “What can I change for a better me?” kind of way. Although it may not seem like there were copious amounts of events, there were a lot of marvels to it.

mimm (1)

Marvelous was.. finishing TWO.. I repeat TWO.. books this weekend. I haven’t been able to do that in such a long time. I finally finished reading Intuitive Eating and also completed reading A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown. I have to say that Cupcake’s (Yes, that is the name on her birth certificate.) book was out of my usual readings, but I have to say that it did captivate me. It was her memoir and does she have a story to tell.. I got really attached and did not want to put the book down! It is graphic in the beginning, but the ending is completely amazing. I am beyond proud of her.


Marvelous was.. opening up to my mom about some things of the past and being able to go to her when I found out the bad news. She never passed judgement on me. She held me when I cried and felt helpless. I love my mother.

Marvelous was.. starting to watch That 70s Show from the very beginning. I absolutely love this show and it NEVER fails to make me laugh. Although there are 200 episodes, I will be working my way into watch every single one.

Marvelous was.. getting the support from my friend, Kalie, in my times of struggle. She’s truly amazing and a true fighter of her own. ❤

Marvelous was.. getting the amount of sleep I got. Seriously, 9 hours of sleep every night? I’ll take it!

Marvelous was.. the weather not being too hot or too cold. It was just perfect. It was sunny with a slight breeze. Oh how I wish Arizona weather could stay this way.

Marvelous was.. letting go of the negative people in my life. I said some goodbye’s to some people this weekend, but honestly, it was for the best. I could not have that kind of energy in my life any further. I need to do what is best for me and what makes me happy.

Marvelous was.. having a three day weekend. Need I say more?

Marvelous was.. the amount of care my sister had for me on the weekend in my time of pain. We haven’t had the best sister relationship, but she stayed by my side and cared for me. I’m so happy our relationship is getting better!

Marvelous was.. cleaning out my closet in order to get a head start on packing. My parents are decided whether we should move before the school year is up or not. My mom still wants to get a head start so there isn’t so much stress. I came across a lot of old memories which were bittersweet. It felt good to get ride of junk from the past. More room for new memories. 😀

I am ready for the week ahead. I hope you have an amazing start to the week as well as an amazing week. ❤

-What was marvelous about your weekend?

-What have you accomplished lately?

-What are you looking forward to this week?


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