What I Learned From Recovery and Intuitive Eating

If you have been reading my blog, you may remember that I was hit by a car and suffered from a fractured neck and spine. I was hospitalized, in a brace, and went through physical therapy for recovery. You may also know that I am in recovery as of right now from multiple eating disorders. I have taken time off from any physical activity and focused on balancing my life in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Physically, I have been resting more. Mentally, I have been focusing on being more ‘in tune’ with myself and Intuitive Eating. Emotionally, I have been on an emotional roller coaster. Spiritually, I have been strengthening my relationship with God. With more free time comes more thinking and reflection. With reflections comes life lessons and learning opportunities. Here are some lessons I learned from both recovery and intuitive eating.

1. It is NOT all about the numbers. 

-For over 3+ years I was CONSUMED by numbers. Constantly I would be thinking how much I weighed, how many calories I consumed, how many calories I burned off, macros, timing. One of my top priorities for recovery was balance with food. I chose to delete MyFitnessPal, stop counting and measuring food, and go with my internal signals. Granted it wasn’t easy, but when I stopped consuming my life all about numbers, I felt a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt so much more happier and stressed less.

2. Life is all about BALANCE.

-For so long, I revolved my life around food and exercising. I chose to not go to events with friends, I shunned family cooking, I stopped eating certain foods; I was miserable. When I took time away from exercising, I chose to hang out with friends. When I let go of numbers, I started eating more food, going out to eat, eating people’s cooking and not patronizing them with questions. I became happier. My relationships grew stronger. Life is about balance and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I love fitness and nutrition, but I don’t let it take over my life.

3. Rest is important.

-Back during my ED days, I over exercised. I never took rest days, because if I did, I’d have anxiety attacks about not exercising. This led to injuries and constant soreness. I never gave my body a break. With time off, my body has been healing and I’ve been doing stretches/small exercises to prevent injury. Listen to your body. It needs rest in order to restore.

4. Honoring your body will only bring good results.

-For so long I deprived myself of foods that I was constantly craving. I thought I didn’t deserve to eat those foods and always relapsed into binges. Now, I honor my cravings and I don’t feel the negative side effects and thoughts that I used to. I honor my body with good nutritious food as well as treats that I yurn for. No more restrictions. No more rules. Just living and doing what makes me happy.

5. Balance is bliss.

-I find pure happiness when I don’t stress about food, skipping workouts, letting my body rest, enjoying ‘me’ time, spening time with loved ones. There’s nothing better.

6. Doing what makes you happy is important.

-If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, then what is the point of doing it? Life it too short to not do what makes you happy. Let go of the negativity and stresses. You’ll feel so much more better if you do.

7. I’ve learned to love and accept my body.

-I was the queen of bashing my body. I was never ‘skinny enough’. I thought I could always lose just 5 more pounds. I got to where I was 5’4 at 98 pounds. I was not happy. I was bone skinny and fragile. I cried and my mind always turned against me. I felt worthless. Once I started eating more and not overworking my body, I felt so much more better. I chose to recover and it was the best decision I’ve made. I no longer bash my body. I embrace it and all of its glory. I praise it for all it does. I honor it. I love myself and I’ve accepted myself.

8. There is light in every situation.

-No matter how bad of a situation it is, there is always light to it. Whether it be a small one or a major one. It is always there. Instead of dwelling on myself and pitying myself, I chose to thank God that I was blessed to be alive and living. The outcome could have been so much more worse. It does get better. I promise it does.

9. Positivity is key.

-Positivity brings happiness. Negativity brings sadness. You’re alive, you’re breathing, you’re loved. So many people care about you. Sadness gets you nowhere yet positivity does.

10. Life is precious.

-Life can be taken away at any moment. We are all blessed to have air in our lungs, blood in our veins, smiles on our face, people who love and care for us, knowledge that is provided to us, bodies that take us places, organs that provide life, a mind that can take you anywhere. There is so much to life that we take for granted. Do what makes you happy and cherish every moment. Life for now. Stress less, smile more.

11. Every day is chance to improve.

-Every day is a new opportunity to learn and discover. We find out new things about ourselves and what sparks our interests. We have the choice to let go of negativity and  incorporate positivity. We have the power to remove what holds us back. Every day is a new chance to grow, learn, influence, motivate, inspire, improve. We have the power to do so much.

There are so many lessons I did learn, but these were some of the few. Although people would not expect me to say this, I am kind of grateful this accident happened. It taught me balance, patience, and I learned more about myself and what made me happy. I would not go back to the past to change it, because I’ve learned and have grown so much. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Embrace even the negativity, because there is always positivity within it.

-What makes you happy?

-What are your thoughts?


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15 thoughts on “What I Learned From Recovery and Intuitive Eating

  1. I really, truly love this post. Only in the past few days have I realised that I have relapsed into my eating disorder, and I think I have an exercise addiction. Today I made the decision to give my body a rest from exercise, and I feel like crying! But this post made me feel a lot better – it reminded me what I am doing this for. And it really is about balance. I spend my whole life wrapped up in what I’m about to eat/what I have just eaten, and the same for exercise, that I can’t focus on my studies, go out with friends, or have the freedom to do what I want. Thank you for posting this and I’m glad you’re in a good place xx

    • I am so proud of you to take the step to rest. I know it’s hard, but once you start resting, you’ll feel so much more better and your body will thank you! Once you let go and find balance, life is glorious. I hope this helped. I’m always here for you. ❤

  2. yay! I mean I think a lot of these are great take aways and ones that will still challenge you from time to time but seeing the positive side of them is what will help you get through the mental battles that may rage on. Rest is one that I never fully appreciated, both mind and body. Recovery taught me to cherish that. to the fullest.

  3. It’s truly humbling and beautiful that you’ve embraced all of these critical elements to a happy life. Balance of mind, body, and spirit is essential for happiness, and it sounds like you are redirecting your life to have control in a healthy way. I love that you emphasis the importance of not letting numbers control your life, it’s too short and precious to track away every second of every day. I love this, you are truly beautiful ❤

    • I am finally taking control of my life, and quite frankly, it feels so good!
      Once I let go of the numbers, I literally felt free. It was like I was let go of the trap of numbers.
      Thank you, my darlin’. ❤

  4. I love your mindset and all the lessons you have learned. I am also in the process of recovery – and these are the types of things I need to be reminded of on a daily basis. Hopefully one day they will come naturally! So glad I found your blog!

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