I Need Some Advice..

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I have had my mind all over the place this past week, so an intro isn’t really coming to me today. I do want to thank the beautiful Amanda for letting all of us come together under a link-up, read other bloggers thoughts, and think “I thought I was the only one who thought of that! Good to know someone else does too!” I really need some advice as well.




1. The number one thing that is on my mind right now is how hectic everything is. Seriously, I have not had this heavy of a work load before and I am caving in under all of the stress. I don’t know how I’m keeping up with six classes, memorizing Spanish, working on two major projects, trying to remember everything from the past year in math, and studying for two AP exams and five public based assessment finals. If you have any tips on how to control all of this stress and how to prioritize, PLEASE (and I mean PLEASE) give me suggestions below. I don’t know how you college students do it.. Just a little over a month until Summer. I can make it.. I can make it..


2. On a good note, I finally got a new phone after 5 YEARS. Yes, I repeat, 5 long years. I got the Hydro XTRM which is waterproof and shockproof. This will definitely come in handy with my clumsiness. I am so happy I finally got a smartphone. My old dinosaur phone was not cutting it anymore. I like how it vibrates every time I touch the screen. Sorry guys.. I’m just really happy about it. 🙂 I will venture to an iPhone one day, but baby steps for now.


3. You know how I mentioned I was making a mask in art class? Well, I finally finished the molding, added on the portrusions, and now I am painting it. It’s coming out far better than I had expected. I’m almost finished with it, so I will be posting a picture of it next Thursday. Making this mask is what is keeping me sane. Seriously, getting to spend an hour painting is exactly what I need to get away from the stresses of my other classes. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


4. Remember how I also mentioned in my Perfect Weekend post that my friend was deployed on Monday? Well, what I did not tell you is that he is my boyfriend. Why I bring this up? I am having the blue from missing him, worrying that he is okay, and that he will be home before the holidays. The only communication we have is through letters and sometimes e-mails. If you have experienced this or are right now, can you please send me some advice? Much appreciated. ❤


5. I still can’t get over how adorable this baby leopard is. I mean COME ON.



6. I don’t know how after 16 years of living in Arizona that I STILL haven’t gotten used to the heat. I mean, it’s peaking into the 90s already and I am dying when I go outside. I’m already noticing my natural shade of pink coming on for the Summer.. It’s spring. This isn’t suppost to happen.


7. I’m on that Snapchat kick right now. If you wanna snapchat me, just add me! My username is: lovenatalieeee . Don’t be shy. 🙂


8. You know what other kick I’m on right now? A food one.. Not my usual oatmeal, nut butter, and sweet potato one.. but a cereal one. I have to have a bowl every night. I don’t have to, but my day feels incomplete without it. I have been having cereals ranging from Corn Flakes to Raisin Bran to Oatmeal Squares to Fruity Pebbles and so on and so fourth. SO GOOD.


9. I tried enchiladas with red sauce last night instead of the green chili sauce. I surprisingly found the taste to be more dominate and I enjoyed it more. It also had a kick to it. 😀



10. I hope you have an AMAZING super fantastic out-of-this-world day today. ❤


-What are your tips for handling stress? Prioritizing?

-Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Any advice?

-What’s your favorite cereal? 

-What keeps you sane?


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5 thoughts on “I Need Some Advice..

  1. I’m currently dating a guy in the military, so I definitely know those blues you’re talking about. Not gonna lie… it’s rough… but for the right person it’s worth the fight. Is there any way you guys can Skype? I do that with my guy when I can and it helps a lot. Other than that, just keep yourself busy , surround yourself with friends, and try to connect with others who’re in the same situation so you can moan and complain when needed 😉 Shoot me an e-mail if you ever need to chat!

  2. Aw Nat 😦 You should have emailed me! I would suggest cutting any weak ties (relationships & commitments) that are not serving you well. It’s hard to let go of friendships that you don’t identify with or feel passionate about, but it’s necessary to be your best self. Also, use a planner. I use my Vera Bradley planner like it’s going out of style (color coded and everything). Be OK with saying, “no” sometimes you need to do whats best for you, don’t feel guilty or stressed if you need to handle your OWN business and priorities (school) before social things.

  3. Gr. I wrote a very thoughtful comment and it disappeared! Ha well the gist of it was: deep down, you know if he’s worth it. It will be emotionally difficult so be prepared for that – but don’t let yourself get too caught up in it. Keep your life full of other things that interest you – he’s only going to love you more if he knows you are happy and enjoying life! And oh yes, schoolwork for dayss. I know it sometimes seems like you don’t even have time to sit down and plan, but your productivity will skyrocket if you take the time to organzie your tasks. Write them all down and prioritize them. Check them off when you’re done – and if you don’t finish, make sure they are carried over to the next day.

  4. I have had a lot of experience with stress and prioritizing! My first piece of advice is set the studying materials down and go out somewhere, take a walk, run, walk around your favorite store, get some froyo, anything to get your mind on something else. This is a great way to reset and get ready to buckle down for some work. Next make a list. Make a list of the things that are most important, have a test on Monday put studying for that test number one on the list. List things in the order that they need to be accomplished. And my last and final piece of advice, don’t try to knock everything out in one sitting. Take breaks. Whether that be blog reading breaks, a snack break, watch an episode of your favorite show, just something to recharge. There is no reason to sit and stare at something hours on end if you are not being productive or learning something from it.
    Relax too you got this 🙂

  5. Argh, you’re not alone with the crazy workload. For me, I am semi-balancing things (pretty close to toppling over as always haha… it’s a precarious balance) by writing out a work plan everyday. I try to study/work for 3/4ths of my classes each day and I REALLY focus in lecture and concentrate on stuffing everything in my mind to make studying a hell of a lot easier later. But seriously, make a work plan and stick to it! It makes you feel so much better to be organized.

    I had a feeling that the boy was more than just a friend ;). You guys seem to have so much chemistry and it’s obvious how much you two care about each other!

    Just sent you a snap chat so don’t get scared if you see a stranger sending you a pic of your blog haha ;). That’s me!

    Happy Friday!

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