Thinking Out Loud; 5/1

Happy May 1st everyone! 

By now, I think you know that I am no mastermind when it comes to intros. They’re pretty much the bane of my existence. I know it’s good to have that catchy intro to reel you in, but I think the thought of getting to see what is on other people’s mind let’s me overlook the intro, if short. I think I get the same amount of excitement as Amanda when it comes to see what is happening in others lives and how different everyone is in this community. This intro is longer than I expected, haha. Anyways, let’s begin the randomness in





1. My oh my.. I cannot believe that it is already the first to a new month. It seems as if this year is really wizzing by. (Wizzing? Who says wizzing anymore?) We are already a third of the way done of 2014. Is that blowing anyone else’s mind as well? In retro-spect (did I use that term correctly?), I am happy to say that there is only 22 more days of school left. Can I just get an AMEN for that? 😀

2. I have really been craving smoothies lately, but I haven’t been able to make any. I’m in the process of moving, and the blender has already been packed away. I was hoping to make Amanda’s banana bread muffins quick and easy, but I guess I will have to go old fashioned with the whisk and bowl. I know it will be worth it though. I am a fan of thick and creamy smoothies. I’ve never liked really liquidy, water-like smoothies.

3. As promised, I FINALLY finished my mask! It has been a long process, but I finally gotten it to the way I like it. It really did turn out better than I expected.


4. This year, I have met some pretty amazing people. One in particular is my close friend that is in my art class. She is literally like a sister to me. Things have been overwhelming in my life lately, and she has always been here for me. She’s held me when I cried, talked me through some of my deepest problems, been there for ideas/advice, triumphed with me at all the joys. She has always been there. ALWAYS. I know that even when we go our separate ways, we will always stay in each others lives. She’s one hell of a friend.

5. My body is still sore from the workout I did on Monday. I felt like doing leg day, and I kid you not.. in total, I did 1015 reps. Yes, you ready that number right.. 1015! I have been walking a little wonky lately, but I was really feeling the power. I pushed myself farther than I imagined I could. Goes to show how much our bodies are really capable of.

6. I don’t think I’m ready for the weather to reach close to the 100s over the weekend. I’m already getting some serious burn lines from the outlines of my shorts and shirts. I don’t know how I even survive Arizona’s heat. I’m really not looking forward to the close to 120s heat. Oh man.. Pool side for me all summer!

7. I have been having this song on repeat for the past week now. I love it so much. It’s so catchy and I always catch myself singing along to it.

8. In class, we are going to start reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy . I have heard some pretty fantastic reviews about the book. I’m excited to dig my nose into a good book finally (even if it is for school). 🙂

9. I now have to take classes on Saturday mornings until the 24nd. It’s for a good cause, so I can’t complain, but another day at school? Oh my..

10. My goals for May are..

  • Do what makes ME happy
  • Finish school with good grades
  • Work on my yoga poses
  • Go out and be social
  • Try new things


11. Oh, and dresses are my thang now. 😉



I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing month! ❤


-What are your goals for May?

-What is your favorite smoothie?

-What song has been on repeat for you?

-What’s on your mind?


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5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud; 5/1

  1. It would typically be that bad here in Houston at this time of year too, but a “cold” front came in recently (it might have something to do with the tornadoes/severe storms up north?) and it was an absolutely GORGEOUS 65 degrees today. If only it stayed like that…

  2. First off, that mask looks awesome. And isn’t it one of the best feelings in the world to finally see all your hard work pay off? Makes me want to start working on a project myself. I used to be super crafty when I was younger, but that somehow died out as I got older… I miss it! And I seriously can’t believe it’s that hot down there already. We hit the 70’s yesterday and I was doing happy dances — I can’t imagine anything hotter than that!

  3. Seriously, you’re adorable. You rock that dress lady friend!
    And that mask is gorgeous! Im so not creative…I don’t even WANT to know what mine would look like lol The weather here has skyrocketed and I am seriously just hating life. We don’t have air conditioning in our place, so my workouts and even just trying to sleep end up with me drenched in sweat. I know…not a pretty picture…

  4. Intros are the bane of my existence too! They always take me 5 times longer to write and most of the time I just end up blabbering incoherently anyways haha ;). That mask is AWESOME! You’re so talented with art! That’s one thing I really wished I was better at. I guess cooking is my art form, but mostly I just like to eat ;).

    Looking absolutely gorgeous in that dress! Have I ever told you that you have the prettiest hair? It’s so thick and glossy!

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