Thinking Out Loud ; 5/8

“Shake your groove thang! Shake your groove thang! Yeah! Yeah! Show them how you do it now!”

You may be thinking that was a random start to this post, but I am happy it’s Thursday! Thursday’s are the day before the weekend begins and also the day for Amanda’s link-up. If you ask me (or anyone) that sounds like a pretty amazing day. 😉 Off to the thoughts!


1. I am semi-stressing out due to the thought that my AP English Exam is tomorrow morning. Remember those times where I had to go for three hours on a Saturday morning? Well, the day has finally come. I have been doing a lot of practice, but I have never been good with tests (especially that are timed). Please, please, please wish me luck!


2. We’ve started a new project in art for the final. It is a Tim Burton inspired sculpture. I decided I would go off of the Corpse Bride and do a woman with big eyes and a very tiny waist. I love the proportions and how girly-classic it looks. I was experimenting with different sketches and ultimately decided on a spider theme (Although I hate spiders). Here’s the sketch I will be going off of. 🙂


3. I am finally moving on Saturday! I have to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready before we start moving at 6 a.m. I can’t be doing much moving, because I have to go to a three hour prep class at 9 a.m., but afterwards, I am going to set up my room. Although I am not too thrilled to be waking up so early, I know it will be worth it!

4. My teacher pretty much implied that we should buy dark chocolate on test days. Apparently it is suppost to help with stress, so this just gives me an ever more authentic reason to eat more chocolate. I’m not complaining. 😉

5. On Tuesday, it was my sisters 21st birthday. I was a bit thrown off that day, because I didn’t get to eat dinner until 9:20 p.m. WHAT. I was starving! We went to Macayo’s and I got an order of carne asada grilled tacos (First time trying carne asada!), grilled and roasted veggies, and rice. It was so delicious! She invited about 20 friends, so in total, there was 24 of us in a restaurant. A great deal of her friends really like me, so it was nice seeing them and talking to them. 🙂


6. I have been saying “Ahh geez” A LOT lately. I don’t know where it has come from, but it’s like my new motto or something now. I even got some of my friends to say it too. 😉

7. You know how I mentioned that I have been having Sweet Tea instead of Peach Tea? Yeah.. that relationship didn’t work out too well.. I wasn’t just feelin’ the flavor.

8. T-minus 14 full days until Summer vacation! 😀

9. I’ve been craving a good hike lately. Good thing I will be meeting up with my friend Sunday morning to go hiking. It’s like an addiction to me now. I always want to go hiking! I think it is the view once we reach the top that really gives me that urge.

10. I FINALLY watched Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University for my first time this week. ADORABLE. ❤ I was so missing out.


I hope you have an amazing day! ❤


-What do you eat when stressed?

-What’s your favorite animated movie? Disney movie?

-What are your plans for the summer?

-Tell me some of your random thoughts!


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2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud ; 5/8

  1. Good luck on your exam, love! You’re going to do amazing… especially if you bring chocolate 🙂 Just remember to breathe during those initial omens when you feel like freaking out and your mind will settle into a good place. And omigosh I LOVE your art sketch! I’m a huge fan of all things Tim Burton so I can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

  2. Good luck on your test!! Just breathe and take comfort in all the work you’ve done to prep. YOU ARE READY!! 🙂 And seriously Despicable Me 1 and 2 are my favvvvvvv. Ok, that may be a lie. I also adore the Kung Fu Panda movies. And How To Train Your Dragon. I cant wait till #2 comes out! gosh Im such a kid….

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