Get To Know Me Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have survived Monday and we’re one day closer to the weekend. We always have to keep it positive. Amiright? 😉 Here’s a survey from the lovely Angela for Arman’s Spill It Sunday Tuesday.


1. If your tastebuds could only decipher one flavor for the rest of your life, which would you choose?  i.e. Salt, sweet, spice, sour

-Definitely sweet. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. I am a sucker for the sweetness of fruit and chocolate. I mean, who isn’t? 😉 I am really sensitive to salty food and although I love me some spicy and savory food, I was prefer sweet. I think you could tell by my oatmeal in the morning and my hankering for all things chocolate.


2. What sports did you play as a child, if any?

-This little girl was a tomboy for sure! I played soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, dodgeball, gymnastics, and dancing (does that count?). I was never good with softball and baseball.. Let’s just say I was really prone to getting hit.. o.o

photo (30)

3. Who would you want to be handcuffed to for a day?

-Does this mean celebrity wise or like a friend? I guess I will just do both.

Celebrity: Beyonce. I mean come on now. She’s the baddest chick around. Maybe I could get her to teach me how to dance. Oh how interesting that would be!

Friend: Christine! I wanna meet this girl whenever I go to Cali! She’s a sweetheart for sure. Umm, can we make this happen anytime soon? 😉

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? What’s the strangest thing you want to try to eat?

-The strangest thing I have ever eaten? Erm.. I think it would have to be one of those lollipops with a scorpion in the middle. Not a good experience. o.o

-Wanted to try? Umm.. I don’t really know about that one. If anyone has any suggestions, leave them alone please!

5. Lions, tigers or bears? (Oh my)

-Lions fo’sho.

6What is your favourite restaurant you’ve ever been to?

-Although I do love me some Chipotle, it’s no clue that I love BJ’s. Ranging from their avocado spring rolls.. to their grilled chicken clubs.. to their peanut butter pizzookis… You know what makes me really happy? There is one right down the street from me. 😉


7. If you were forming a band, what would your band’s name be, and what kind of music would you play?

-I am really bad at coming up with names, so I would prefer to skip this question. What kind of music? Kind of like this song. (Yes, I am showing this song again, because it is FABULOOOOOOUS.)

8. What is the best compliment you’ve received?

-My friend told me that I was the inspiration to a whole group of girls at my old school to start a healthy lifestyle for themselves. *blush* 🙂

9Describe your personal style (for clothing or decor) and why you like it.

-It’s either leggings or dresses. Right now, I have been more on the dress side. I have a new found love for dresses now. They’re so cute and comfy. I always feel so beautiful and confident in them.


10What is one thing you absolutely want to do this summer?

-Realistically: Meet new people and go on a HUGE group hike.

-Unrealistically: Go backpacking in Europe.

-Your turn to answer the questions! 😀


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One thought on “Get To Know Me Tuesday

  1. I’m definitely one to choose sweets as well! Savory food is good, but the sugary stuff is what you obsess over haha. My pinterest is FILLED with cakes and brownies and cookies (okay, I’m drooling) that I’ll probably never make, but I just can’t help dreaming of how delicious they are haha. Savory food just doesn’t have the same effect on me.

    Annnnddd HECK YES to being handcuffed together! We absolutely must must must meet up if you ever come to California. I can tell we would get along perfectly <3.

    I also feel you on loving dresses. I feel like they're the most flattering apparel for my body shape and they just make me feel pretty and feminine :). You pull them off so well! Also, please tell me what you do to get your hair so thick and gorgeous. I would kill a man for hair like that haha!

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