WIAW ; Smoothie Addiction Is Real

Happy Wednesday everyone! 😀


As you can tell from the title above, you can kind of guess my new addiction? I’m all settled into the new house and have been having more access to being creative in the kitchen! It’s been already reaching over 100 here (so not looking forward to it reaching over 115) and all I have been craving is smoothies. Amanda has posted some delicious thick smoothies lately, and I was dying to try them out. Granted, I didn’t follow them to the T, I pretty much followed the base essentials to them. I may or may not have ran out of oats at one point and that started this new rekindled love, but I have been having over every day. I am a sucker for a thick, creamy, and delicious drink. Sorry, Snapple, I have moved on to thicker and more versatile drinks. Don’t worry, I won’t neglect you. 🙂


Any who, Summer is coming up, school is almost out, and my creativity is starting to sky rocket. Now time for my recent eats!




Grilled chicken, sweet potato, and peas.


Crab meat + cheese + red bell pepper + spinach + onion quesadilla, crab meat, and peas.


A wrap with spinach + ham + an egg, apple, carrots, and strawberries.


My favorite smoothie.


A mango salsa avocado salad with chicken and broccoli from El Pollo Loco with a churro (unpictured).


Vanilla blueberry oatmeal with peanut butter enjoyed outside.


Roasted chicken, mashed sweet potato, green beans.


Apple pie oatmeal with coffee.


Whole what pasta, chicken, green beans, and my favorite smoothie in a bowl.


Pork sausage, sweet potato, veggies, and my favorite smoothie.

I hope you have an amazing day filled with delicious food! ❤

-What is your favorite smoothie?

-What do you crave in the heat?

-What have you been eating lately?


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4 thoughts on “WIAW ; Smoothie Addiction Is Real

  1. Girl, smoothie addictions are for SURE real!! I go through phases with them, but in the summer its literally smoothies and fruit all day long! I love chocolate banana smoothies 🙂

  2. I love smoothiesss! Green ones are my favorite! There is something so delicious about bananas + spinach + kale + water (or almond milk) + chia seeds + flaxseed = deliciousheaven (I just invented that word) You get my point? I love smoothies 😛

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