I Need YOUR Help, Please!

Hey everyone! I hope you have a fantastic long weekend and a marvelous Veterans Day (if you celebrated it). 🙂 My weekend was filled with movies, grilled food, smoothies, working out, and a lot of family time. Those of my type of weekends!


You may be wondering what is so important about this post. Am I right? Well, if you didn’t know, my last day of school is Thursday, and I will be transitioning from a Junior to a Senior. On Thursday, I have an essay due for scholarships and for colleges. I am in a rut of what to write about. I know it has to be about me, but I don’t really know what to write about. You get me?


I was wondering if you could PLEASE (and I emphasize please) help me and leave suggestions in the comments below, or on Facebook, or tweet me? It would really mean a lot to me! I am really shooting to get some scholarships and get into a good college.


Thank you! ❤


Connect with me!

Instagram -> @myhealthlyjourney

Twitter -> @xolovenatalie

Pinterest -> @xolovenatalie

E-mail -> lovenataliemarie@gmail.com


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