Thinking Out Loud ; 5/29

Happy Thursday everyone! ^_^

I promise not to have such a long intro, because..

1.) I suck at intoductions.

2.) I always sound repetitive.

3.) I have too much on my mind to actually think of one.


1. Today is my last day of school! Summer baby, HERE I COME! ^_^ It is going to be a really bittersweet day saying goodbye to everyone. I really hope I don’t start tearing up like I usually do on the last day of school. I have met some pretty amazing people this year, and it sucks that we are going our separate ways (primarily because I moved). I have made so many memories this year that I will never forget. It was my best year yet! I’ve grown so much this past year. I pushed my limits and I achieved great things. It was one hell of a year, but in the end, I am grateful for all of the obstacles that were thrown my way this year. I am stronger than I have ever been before!

2. My friend and I are celebrating the start of summer with a hike this evening! It’s one of my favorite summer activities, so what better way to kick off vacation? I have a feeling we are going to reach the top once the sun will be setting. If you haven’t experienced a Phoenix sunset, I must tell you that they are one of the most beautiful sunsets you will EVER see.

3. I’ve been going to the movies more often lately and I have seen Neighbors (HILARIOUS), the new X-Men movie, and the new Spiderman movie. Such.Good.Movies. If you haven’t seen them, you should. 🙂

4. I have been eating watermelon like it is nobody’s business lately. So good. So juicy. Mmm… now I want some!

5. If you didn’t know this about me, I am a girl who LOVES her volume food. Seriously, I love it, because you get to eat so much more. Who would complain about that? 😉 Well, I has at Big Lots the other day, and I came across Puffed Corn and Puffed Kamut. I have been adding them to my greek yogurt bowls, oatmeal, and just having them as plain bowls of cereal. So good.

6. Lately, I have been discovering things on why things in the past have happened. I realized that I have been lied to, a lot. It doesn’t really affect me now, because those people are no longer in my life, but it hurts to know that I wasn’t really worth hearing the truth. People should remember that the truth comes out eventually.

7. Yup, it’s official official. I hate pants. I had to wear some a few days ago for a lab, and man oh man was I having a heat stroke in those buggers! I can gladly say that no pants are the best pants.

8. The temperature in Arizona has already exceeded to 107. It’s hard to accept the fact that it’s probably going to reach over 115 soon. *gulp* o.o

9. The song Fancy has been stuck in my head for days now. It has been playing EVERYWHERE. You can’t tell me that you haven’t heard it yet.

10. I’m sorry to be repetitive, but I am so dang happy for summer vacation! I can’t wait until my mom picks me up and we go swimming! 😀

I hope you have an AMAZING day. ❤

-What is your favorite summer activity/activities?

-What song has been stuck in your head lately?

-What’s on your mind?


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5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud ; 5/29

  1. Last days of school were always some of my favourites. It’s like everybody was suddenly best friends with everybody else, even if they barely spoke to begin with 😆 But I do hope that you have an awesome one, and that you have a great hike in the evening. I’ve never seen a Phoenix sunset, but I have seen some in the dessert and they really are gorgeous.

  2. YAY for summer!! The last day of school was always bittersweet for me as well 🙂
    And Xmen, oh gosh I need to see it nowwwww. I absolutely loved the 1st one and am so stoked that this one has some of the original xmen in it! Give me Wolverine all day every day. Fun fact, my 1st son [if I have one] is going to be named Logan, after Wolverine 🙂

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