Happy happy Wednesday everyone!

I’m safe to say that summer vacation has officially set in (already), because I am already forgetting what day of the week it is. Haha, oops. ūüėČ I’ve had more time to spend in the kitchen, and my taste buds are surely thanking me for it. Yes, some of my eats may seem similar, but hey, if it isn’t broken, you can’t fix it. I have been craving all things cool and breakfasty. (Apparently breakfasty isn’t a word.. I think it should be.) You can sense a theme with this weeks eats.


On to the eats!


Grilled turkey dogs, roasted sweet potato, and veggies.


Wrap (pictured below), apple slices, strawberries, and carrots.


Tacos with a salad.


Pancake fail made into a bowl cake topped with cottage cheese and blueberries, scrambled egg whites with spinach and onion topped with hot sauce, strawberries, carrots, and watermelon.


Grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and sweet potato fries.


Turkey burgrer, egg roll, and veggies.

Turkey avocado blt and cookie from Paradise Bakery.

Pork chop, broccolini, roasted peppers and onions, and potatoes from Macaroni Grill.


My favorite smoothie.


Bowl cake topped with greek yogurt, baked sweet potato, egg white scramble with spinach and onion topped with hot sauce, turkey, and veggies.


Smoked turkey sandwich with a cookie from Paradise Bakery.


Wrap, apple slices, watermelon, cottage cheese, carrots, and strawberries.


My usual wrap on spinach, turkey, egg, avocado, and hot sauce.


Seasoned chicken, mashed sweet potato, and green beans.


Vanilla blueberry pie oats with peanut butter and coffee.


Apple pie oats with peanut butter and coffee.

Whew, so many good eats! I hope you have an amazing day filled with delicious food. ‚̧

-What do you crave in the summer?

-What’s your favorite breakfast?

-What have you been recently eating?


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