Thinking Out Loud ; Surprise Trip?!

Happy happy Friday everyone! I know I’m a day late (sorry Amanda!) to the party, but yesterday I just needed a day to myself away from all the technology. Ya feel me? I’m not so good on the intros, and I have a lot jumbling (don’t you like that word? :D) around in my mind, so let’s commence to the thoughts!


1. Yesterday I found out that I will be taking a four day trip to North Carolina in July! You guys, I have been wanting to go there for YEARS. My mom (out of nowhere) popped the question if I wanted to go with her in the middle of July. I was in shock at first, but then I immediately yelled yes. I mean, who wouldn’t? 😉 So far, we’ve planned on hitting the malls and the beach. We’re a bit stuck on what else to do, so if you know any good attractions, please leave suggestions in the comments below! ^_^

2. I have been rocking the el natural look for the past few weeks. I haven’t been feeling makeup lately so I just decided that I’m gonna be a natural babe from now on. So far, I’m liking it!#selfie #loveyourself #idontknowwhyimusinghashtags


3. I want to thank those who gave me kind words on my post from Monday. It truly means a whole lot to me. ❤

4. Remember waaaaaaaaaaay back in January when I was hit by a car and had a fractured neck and spine? Well, lately I have been building up my strength in the gym and I have been hitting PRs (WITH NO PAIN) left and right. They may not seem big for some people, but for me? Heck yeah do I get excited about it! 😀

5. I have been eating ALL.THE.FOOD. lately. Seriously, with the amount of activity I have been doing, I have been eating around 2500+ calories and I’m still leaning down and building up my strength. WAT. I’m not complaining though. I have been enjoying all the food and all the strength that has come from the food. EAT ALL THE CARBS. 😀

6. I have been hooked on crime shows on Netflix recently. You know the channel called ID? (Sorry, Amanda. I know you don’t watch much tv.) Well, I have found some shows that are on that channel and they have been on nonstop. #sorrynotsorry #thereIgowiththehashtagsagain

7. Is it just me or is the weeks flying by faster than the speed of life? Just yesterday it felt like the beginning of June and now we are approaching July. Man oh man..


8. Speaking of July, I am excited about the Fourth of July fireworks and BBQ. You already know it will be hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, and sparklers galore!


9. The one thing I’m not excited about though? This Arizona heat! It’s going to reach 113 degrees F next week. *GULP* O.O


10. Avocado is love. That is all.

I hope everyone has an amazing day and an amazing weekend! ❤


-Where do you want to travel to?

-What are your favorite shows to watch?

-Makeup or no makeup?

-What’s your absolute favorite food?


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One thought on “Thinking Out Loud ; Surprise Trip?!

  1. Avocado IS love 😀 As is almond butter. And chocolate. And ice cream. Errr yeah… ALL the food is right 😉 And congrats on the PRs and rocking your training! There’s seriously nothing more motivating than seeing yourself get stronger 😀 And coming back from an injury? ROCK STAR!

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