My Own Personal Color

Question: If you had your own personal color what would be your color and why?


If I had to have my own custom color, I would have to say that mine would be an electric baby blue color.




When I first thought of what my color would be, I thought of an electric/vibrant yellow at first, because I am an all around optimistic person with a sun-shiney (That should be a word) personality. It sounded perfect at first, but then I remembered that there is that aspect in me that is very calm and sympathetic. I have that fire in me (cue the yellow), but I also have calmness to me; I have that ying-yang personality. 😀


When I met someone for the first time, they told me that I have a blue aurora around me. I was confused at first, so out of curiosity I asked “Why blue?” They smiled at first and proceeded to tell me that blue was the color of a kindhearted soul. In their words they told me that I was someone who loves to help people (true), I am a listener who people go to when they need someone to confide to (true), I have a passion for learning and teaching (true), I have that fire inside me that is powerful (true), I am calm and very comfortable to be around (true), I have a thirst for knowledge on what I can do to improve myself (true), and that I am a genuinely happy person (true). I sat in shock as they just described my personality. I have never met that person before and they described me spot on.


From the time I started helping blind children, I knew I had a passion for helping others. I went in every week excited to help the kids work on a new rt project, teach them methods on how to cook, get them participating in physical activities, teaching them new technological advancements, and being the ear they needed in counseling. I was excited to see the kids and the feeling for them in mutual. I have grown a bond with them. They not only taught me patience, they also gave me the ability to learn new strengths within myself. Along the lines of teaching, I aspire to be a health coach and a personal trainer. A few years ago I discovered my love for fitness and nutrition. Seriously, I can go on and on about those subjects. I want to be someone who helps change lives for the better in people. I want people to know and see what their bodies are capable of. I want to help people reach their goals. I want people to achieve greatness.


The first impression people tell me is that I am a very calm girl. I’m the type of person who is shy, but I will spark a conversation. I will want to get to know you to where it’s not too personal, but I know enough for the start of a friendship. I have the tendency to smile a lot and widdle my thumbs. It’s always been a habit. Some call it cute. Some call it shy. I call it being myself. When I get to know you more I will start to show more sides of me (being artistic, how I think, what’s on my mind, what I love, etc). I am who I am, no matter what. I do what makes me happy. I’m not afraid to be myself.


I just thought of this.. Another reason why I chose blue was because of fire. I remember learning that blue fire is much more hotter than a yellow flame. That hotter flame symbolizes how strong my passions are. I am a very passionate person, trust and believe. Once I have my heart set on something, I go for it. I do all that I can. I guess you can call me dedicated, right? 😉 I am a little fire ball of passion!


Blue is my aurora.. It’s my energy that surrounds me. If I could give my own nail polish name it would be Blossoming Discovery.


*If you are a look for some new and exciting nail polishes, go on over to check out Julep. There is a wide selection beautiful nail polish colors for any outfit or mood! . I have my eye on a few of their colors. 🙂 *


-What would your color be?

-What are you passionate about?

-What’s your favorite nail polish color?


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