Monday Food for Thought #1

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! ^_^ 


Monday always gets a bad rap because it is the marker that the weekend is over and a new week is ahead. Maybe it’s just me, but I actually like Mondays. Of course I love the weekend, but a Monday just feels like a fresh start. It’s the beginning of a new [work] week. It’s a new start to make new goals, work on your goals, and to get things done! However, instead of talking about how I like Monday’s, I’m going to talk about a realization (would you call it that?) I had this weekend. My dad had some of his friends over this weekend for a little celebration dinner for his birthday. As they left, I realized how fascinating it is to talk to older people.


Some of you are probably thinking “Whaaaaaaa? You like talking to older people?!” Hold up.. lemme explain myself.


First off, they have been through generations/decades I have never experienced.. only learned about in school. I’m talking about [some] of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It was pretty cool to hear their stories about the past. A topic that was brought up quite frequently was how different 2014 is compared to how it was back in the day. They would talk about the corruption in government, in the media, on the streets, etc. I know that you may think that would be boring to listen to, but I found it fascinating. I can’t help but agree with some of the points they made. Some being how sexualized the media is, how unpredictable people are now, how dangerous it is at night, etc. I know that their is good out there, but come on.. we do live in a pretty unstable world.


Second, they are knowledgeable and actually want to keep up with whats going on. Today, a majority of younger people don’t really keep up with ALL that is going on in the world. People tend to focus on popular topics, because that’s all that is being talked about. Older people pay attention to the major topics, but they also focus on topics [and follow up on] topics we wouldn’t really have a second thought about. One being this whole scandal going on about Germany wanting their gold back, but we [the United States] leased that gold out to 7 other people. I never heard about this before this weekend. It actually has stayed on my mind for the past few days. They actually inspired me to follow some news blogs and all that jazz. A sistas got to keep up with what’s going on!


Third, they don’t take crap from anyone. I heard some pretty funny stories from his friends, and it really opened up my eyes to how rude/inconsiderate people can be today. Granted – I did realize people were rude, but it’s just ridiculous some times. We live in such a fast paced society that its all go, go, go. People are rushing everywhere and it seems like manners are a lost cause with some people. They have the patience with people [sometimes] and they follow the rules. They may have not back in the day, but they are ones who are considerate to actually talk to people.


Fourth, they are pretty out of tune with technology. It was nice to have an actual conversation with someone who isn’t on their phone constantly. They don’t understand hashtags and Facebook. It was kinda cute how out of tune they were with technology but so intelligent with topics going on around the world.


Fifth [and lastly to not drag this out too long], they are ones who will give you the best advice out there. They have been through trial and error for years. Their knowledge can expand from little life tips, to relationship advice, to legal advice, to financial advice, etc. It’s amazing. I have to say that I have gone to them for advice here and there. You can’t go wrong with wise minds.


I know this was a pretty out there topic to talk about on a Monday, but I just had to share my thoughts on it. There are so many more reasons to list, but I know we have to all get our week started. I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday. ❤


-Do you like talking to older people?

-What’s your best advice?

-What did you do this weekend?

-What do you have planned for the week?


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