T.O.L. – Questions For You

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Can you believe that it is already Thursday?! I can’t. This week is really flying by. I think this is due to the fact that we just had a long weekend. Fingers crossed another will come soon. 😉 I’m getting back into the groove of blogging again, and I am happy to be typing out my random thoughts again! (Hey, Amanda!) ^_^
1. I am more than happy that is September. September marks the start of fall. I LOVE FALL. Seriously, I have been loving the candle scents that have been coming out and the treats. Have you seen those new Jeff Whips products, english muffins, coffee flavors, PUMPKIN PIE, M&M’s, etc. Heaven in my mouth you guys!
2. When talking about Fall, you can’t help but bring up pumpkin. I am a huge lover of pumpkin. I love it in my oatmeal, in my cookies, just everything. I love pumpkin spiced coffee and teas. I also start to use cinnamon a lot more in the fall. I can’t be the only one. Fingers crossed my skin doesn’t get an orange tint! 😀
3. Along with lifting, I have been starting to do more yoga. I haven’t really gotten the relaxing bit to it yet (still skwirming), but I can tell you that is really improving my tolerance to soreness and increasing my strength. It’s very relaxing. The fact that it is required by one of my classes gives me a good reason to buy more yoga pants. 😉
4. Even though it does reach 100+ degrees F here in Arizona, I have been feeling cold a lot more lately. I’m basically living in sweatpants, leggings, and hoodies. Is this normal? O.o
5. I have finally been sleeping through the nights more now. Usually I wake up about four times, but I haven’t been lately! I think it’s due to the fact that I’ve been so busy. Hey, I’m not complaining! This girl loves her sleep. 🙂
6. I really, really, really want to do some traveling.
7. My reading kick has been put into gear again. I weened off for a while, but now I am knocking out books. I love reading as well as listening to audio books while I’m on the go. It really does come in handy and I love the personality from the readers!
8. With choosing a university next year, I have been getting all these types of feels. I have been feeling anxious for going, overwhelmed by the option, a bit sad that my parents don’t want me to leave the nest, and just confused. For anyone in college, can you please leave me some tips for choosing college and getting prepared? It would be well appreciated. 😀
9. I am starting to get away from social media more. I have decided to delete my accounts to some websites, but I’m still keeping the major ones. It’s just so overwhelming to me. I know it may be weird to some, but I love disconnecting. It stresses me out. Is it like this with anyone else?
-Just the questions from above. 🙂
– + What’s on your mind?

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4 thoughts on “T.O.L. – Questions For You

  1. I’m super happy that it’s September as well 🙂 To be honest, summer is a little too hot and energetic for me — I love the peace and calm of fall. Not to mention the fashion and food! The only thing that kind of sucks is that the days are getting so much shorter! It was still pitch black at 6 AM this morning, when it used to be that the sun was already out. Ahh well.

  2. I want to disconnect soo bad from social media!! Not forever… Just for a little while to detox myself!!
    Traveling is good for the soul… I want to travel too 😀 I’m guessing this weekend getaway to Puerto Rico counts right?

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