T.O.L 11/13 ; New News!

Good morning and happy thinking out loud Thursday!


It’s been quite some time since I’ve participated in the link-up party. (Sorry, Amanda!) Life has been crazy busy lately, so typing up this post will let me put my mind at ease. 🙂

1. I cannot stop listening to Blank Space by Taylor Swift and The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez. They are both so catchy, and I can’t get enough! I always catch myself humming or singing a tune from either one of the songs.


2. I got into this online game called Tera. If you don’t know what that is, it’s kind of like a mystical mid-evil game. I have a girl character named Day.dreaming. Her race is an elin and she’s a healer. I’ve been spending quite a few hours a day playing. o.o It’s soooooo fun!


3. I’ve been getting better at driving! I’ve finally went onto the major roads, and I’m still really nervous, but it’s been getting better! I just have to work on easing on the gas and brake. 😮


4. I’ve been lacking in the sleep department lately, but I find myself full of energy throughout the day. (After coffee of course. 😉 ) What is this madness?!


5. I am so so so ready for the cold weather. It has been hot for too long in Arizona. I’ve already got my beanies, sweaters, hoodies, mittens, scarves, and blankets all ready! 🙂

6. My diet Snapple peach tea kick is back! My mom bought a few packages for me, and they may or may not be already gone…

photo (82)

7. Did you hear about Toy Story 4 and the new minions movie coming out?! You guys, I don’t think you understand how excited I am about that!


8. I am on the hunt for an owl mug. I have been using some plain-Jane mugs lately, and I’ve been seeing a lot of cute owl mugs on Tumblr. If anyone knows of any places I can get a hold of, please leave a comment below. 🙂

9. I am so excited about being able to start lighting a fire in the living room. It’s going to make me even more excited about Christmas!


10. My birthday is in 26 days! ^_^


I hope everyone has/is having an amazing day! ❤


-What songs have you been listening too lately?

-Are you ready for the cold weather? 

-Tell me some of your thoughts! 


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