Hello, again!

Good morning (or evening)! It has been quite a few months – almost seven months – since I have last posted on my blog. At the time, it become so overwhelming as I was transitioning into more schooling, work, and spending time with family, friends, and my boyfriend. I am happy to say that I am back! For good this time! I’ve actually been wanting to for a while now, but I was… nervous to come back. I was nervous to open up about my life again, but so many great things have happened, and I miss sharing important events to whoever stumbles upon my blog.


Along with blogging again, I am in the process of starting up my own YouTube channel. In the past I started making videos on my blog, Visionesque, but I never took it so seriously. Those were the days where I planned to make videos, do voice overs to blog posts, blog every day, and practically be on social media 24/7. It lasted for a week, but then it became a little too overwhelming. I am coming prepared this time with an actual camcorder, a tripod, good camera quality, editing software, and an open mind. I’m hoping to reach a wide range of people with my videos, and for now I am thinking of making it a lifestyle channel. Of course the word “lifestyle” is a very vague word, but that opens up for a wider range of imagination!

I’d also like to do a little life update in this post – since I am returning and I want to catch up, or introduce some of myself, with you guys! To start off with my schooling, I did start going to a traditional classroom again for classes. I took a year to work in the online environment, but I feel more confident with my learning and work in a traditional classroom. It’s great to make actual friends that I can have conversations with instead of sending e-mails or commenting back and fourth on posts! For work, I am working two jobs right now. My first job is working in retail as the phone operator, and my second job is putting together lost orders for Macys! My retail job is a day job, and my second job is overnight, so I do unfortunately lose a lot of sleep some days. Le sighhh… Ya girl needs her sleep! Lol! As for my love life, I am going strong with my love, Donald. We have been together for almost a year and a month! We are planning to day a quick trip to Flagstaff this Sunday to see the snow, and once my birthday comes about in December, I will be going to Disneyland for three days! *Squeeeeeeel* I also got a new car, a great dane, and a tortoise named Sheldon!


I feel like  am in a place where I am genuinely happy with how my life is going. I am ready to take on new challenges with creating YouTube videos and blogging! I am doing this because I think it will be fun and a great way to connect with different people! I miss the connection I had with the bloggers I did talk to. You all really got me. I’m excited to be back, and I have a lot of different ideas as to what will come!

P.S. I have now officially taken on the nickname HunnnyBuns! ❤


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