Thinking Out Loud ; 4/9/15

Good morning/afternoon/evening! ❤


Whew, you guys! I’m excited to once again join the Thinking Out Loud link up over on Amanda‘s page! It’s been quite some time since I last posted my thoughts, and in all honesty, I missed it. I missed typing out my sparatic thoughts and reading what others said/thought. I’ve learned to come that other people think how I do about things, and I think it is a fantastic way to form friendships! I hope to spark some new friendships as time goes on. I’d love to be all of your friends! 😀 Now, onward to the thoughts!

1. I saw the absolute CUTEST video two nights ago. It’s about a baby elephant meeting their mother for the first time in years. The baby was taken years earlier for exhibition. Their reunion made my heart melt. Seriously, my eyes were tearing up as I was watching it. All my parents could hear me say was “My heart! Oh my goodness.. SO PRECIOUS.” You NEED to watch this video. It is a guaranteed way to make your day. 🙂

2. I am SO close to getting my first car! I am hoping to get it by the beginning of May, because let’s face it.. I simply cannot ride my bike to work and other places in the Arizona heat. Riding in 115 degree heat? No thank you.

3. I’m excited to celebrate the six month anniversary of my relationship with my boyfriend! I don’t know exactly what we are going to do, but regardless I’m excited. These six months have flown by, and he has been making me the happiest girl in the world! I could go on and on and on with all of the lovey-doveyness, but I’ll save that for a later post. 😉


4. I am really liking my darker hair color after about 2 months. It took some time to get used too, but I actually think it suits me better than blonde!


5. Do you ever get those really sudden urges to do so much with your life and complete so much? Well, that’s me whenever I am working. I don’t know what it is about cleaning, but it sure gives me so much motivation. I guess it’s because I am doing something productive, but I get my best ideas then. Does this happen with anyone else?!

6. I am addicted to the app Tsum Tsum. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever. If you download, I warn you that it can be addicting. 😉


7. I’m really excited that I get to go to the Lana Del Rey concert in about a month! It’s on May 14th, and I keep telling my friend how epic it is going to be!


8. I have been having the urge to go to California lately. Specifically the beach and Disneyland. I miss Disneyland, and I would love to lay out on the sand next to the beach. I am hoping to take a mini vacation to CA when I get a car, because I would need to pick it up there. I will make it a priority to go to the beach.. maybe even a pier. Gahh, SO excited thinking about it. 😀

9. Currently obsessed with these two songs:

10. I hope that you are having an amazing day! ❤

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North Carolina Recap!

I haven’t been on a vacation in years, so you can definitely say that this trip to North Carolina was well worth the excitement. I did not expect to be so blown away by the beauty of the scenery and so surprised by the hospitality and welcoming attitudes of the residents. Every day I would encounter locals who would make conversation while walking down the street or in a store. This trip is one I will never forget.


In North Carolina, I experienced the beauty of the forests, beaches, locals, and a wide variety of food. I cane into this vacation nervous, but once I got there, all of my worries faded away. The hotel I stayed in, The Embassy, was absolutely beautiful. There were 9 floors, a gym, a pool, a hot tub, a bistro, a dining area, and a waterfall. Absolutely beautiful. I had the view of the trees.



To make this easier, I will split up this post into days. Here we gooooooo!


Day 1 (Arrival Day): 

I woke up around 4:00 a.m. to catch my flight at 6:30 a.m. I grabbed a Chipotle egg sandwich from Wildflower Bread Company with a side of fruit and walnut granola to eat before the plane took off. The flight was 3.5 hours. I left from Phoenix, Arizona to Charlotte, North Carolina. From there, I had a 3 hour layover, so I went off to grab some lunch. I decided on a fiesta salad from Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. DELICIOUS.


I boarded the 27 minutes flight to Raleigh, North Carolina. Afterwards, I waited for the shuttle bus to arrive and then went to the hotel. With the three hour time difference, we arrived around 6 something and went down to the hotel bistro to grab some dinner. I got an (unpictured) burger with fries. I was exhausted, so we decided to sleep from 9 p.m. to 8 am the next morning!

Day 2:

We woke up at 8 a.m., got ready, and went down for a hotel breakfast. You guys, I didn’t choose oatmeal even though they served it! :O I chose to go outside of my comfort zone and order this..


It was filling and delicious! While my mom searched some things to do, I decided to go do a quick workout (my only one on the trip using weights), shower, and have the banana and peanut butter post workout. We decided to go to this huge mall that was across the street. It’s called Crabtree Valley Mall.


Pictures on our way to the mall.


I got a new pair of converse, two pairs of leggings, three pairs of shorts, a cute sports bra, a crop top, a dress, two pairs of sweatpants, two bows, lotion, perfume, a shirt, and Questbars! For lunch, I had Pad Thia with extra veggies. Mmmm!


After the mall, my mom and I met my dad back at the hotel and we decided to get (unpictured) greek food for dinner. I had chicken in a white wine caper sauce with rice and vegetables. It was pretty good, but the sauce was a bit too tangy for me. We stopped for some ice cream on the way home, watched a movie, and then crashed out around 10 p.m.


Day 3:

Woke up around 8 a.m. again, had breakfast, and then got ready to go to downtown Raleigh.


My mom and I had to figure out the bus system (which was unsuccessful at first), catch the bus, and take a 25 minute ride to downtown. The locals were very nice and the town was absolutely beautiful. We saw churches, the state capital, galleries, museums, and a bunch of restaurants.



We sat at a park before deciding to go to a history museum which was filled with all types of artifacts and cool history! What I couldn’t believe was that it was free.  You never find that anywhere! The locals were so nice and we saw this book that was filled with signatures of people from all over the world. It was amazing.





By the end of the museum, my mom and I were pretty hungry, so we decided to eat at the Raleigh Times. I got a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado with a side of fries.


Around 6 p.m., my parents and I went to The Pit and I got shredded BBQ chicken, sweet potato fried 😉 , and chipotle corn (unpictured). IT WAS DELICIOUS. Afterwards, we went to get some freshly made chocolate at the Videri Chocolate Factory. I enjoyed this as a bedtime snack while watching The Big Bang Theory.



Oh! I almost forgot! Before we got to eat at the Pit, we waited outside and saw a Pub Trolley. Turn up on a trolley! 😀


Day 4:

Today is the day we went to the BEACH! I haven’t been to the beach in so many years, so you can’t even imagine how excited I was! 😀 We had to drive 2.5 hours to Carolina Beach. The car ride was not too bad, but I was overwhelmed with excitement. My breath was taken away once I saw the beach. I played in the ocean for a while just soaking up all the beauty.



After wiping the sand out of all places 0.0 , we went down to the boardwalk. The first thing that caught my eye was a big sign that said Henna tattoos! Of course I had to get one. 😉 The guy that did my tattoo was Heinz (He’s from Germany). While doing my tattoo, he was an open book and kept a conversation the entire time. I had to wait two hours for it to dry and then come back for touch ups. It looks absolutely beautiful. Before I left, we exchanged goodbyes and he gave me a kiss on the hand and told me I was his favorite customer of the day. D’awww. ^_^


For lunch, we went to a little beach shack that had a balcony on top for dining. We got a 5 star view of the ocean.




I got the Chicken Caesar Wrap with chips and mango salsa.


Around 6 p.m., we left the beach and decided to head back to the hotel since there was a 2.5 hour drive back. I fell asleep in the car a few times, but before we got to the hotel, we decided to pick up some Thai on the go from the Thai House. I can’t get enough of Pad Thai!


Day 5:

We decided to sleep in to about 9 a.m. since we were all wiped out from the beach from the day before. We enjoyed some breakfast, got ready, and headed back to downtown Raleigh. It was raining on the way there, and it was absolutely beautiful!




We walked around for a bit and then decided to go to the Natural Science museum! It was so amazing. I will just let the pictures show you a portion of what I saw. 🙂

photo (60)

photo (61)

photo (62)

photo (63)

photo (64)

photo (65)

photo (66)

photo (67)

photo (68)

photo (69)

photo (70)

photo (71)

Afterwards, my parents wanted to get a quick drink at an authentic English pub called the London Bridge Pub.


I was completely starved by that time, so we decided to go to an Irish pub to get some delicious food.



I have to say that this was an absolutely delicious meal. I couldn’t get enough! What made it better was seeing this sign in the bathroom. It’s a bit explicit with the language, but if you’re Irish, you’ll get it. 🙂


We walked around for a bit afterwards and I will let the pictures show you some of the beauty I saw. 🙂







For dinner, I had leftovers from the Pit with an addition of veggies and extra BBQ. I also ended the night with a movie night with my parents. 🙂


Day 6 (Leaving Day):

My mom and I woke up around 8 a.m. to have our last breakfast at the hotel.


Since it was our last day, we decided to go to shop some more at the mall and I picked up the second book of the Divergent series and some new clothes. Did ya know Old Navy has some cute clothes? You should go check it out! Afterwards, we picked up lunch at Crisp to take back to the hotel. I got a Chicken Caesar wrap with a Santa Fe salad. I’m really going to miss all of the fresh fresh food.


We packed our bags and headed to the airport around 5:30 p.m. Our flight was scheduled for 7:40 p.m., but the flight was delayed to 8:30 p.m. because of the storms. My mom and I grabbed some dinner at a brewery; we got the chicken bbq sandwich with garlic fries (unpictured). The flight was smooth and then we had to rush to catch our next flight to Phoenix at 10:11 p.p (East coast time). I was falling in and out of sleep during the flight. We landed at 11:04 p.m. (West coast time) and then made our way home. We arrived around 12 a.m., I brushed my teeth, and fell right asleep.

This trip is definitely one that I will never forget. ❤


-Have you ever been to North Carolina?

-Where have you traveled too?

-Where do you want to travel too?


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Let’s Catch Up Over A Cup of Coffee, Shall We?

Good morning, sunshine!

I know that lately I have been pretty scarce on the blog world. Don’t think I forgot about you guys, because I haven’t! I pinky promise! I have just had a lot on my plate as of recently. Some good.. Some bad.. So I thought that we start fresh with a new week and catch up over a cup of coffee.

First off.. I don’t know if you have seen from my other post, but I am going to North Carolina in t-minus 9 days! I’m pretty dang excited about it. I mean, who wouldn’t?! I’m ready to finally travel again and go to the beach! I’ll be going to Raleigh with my mom, and we will be staying in this fancy (I must put the emphasis on fancy) hotel. It has indoor pools, hot tubs, restaurants, dining halls, conference rooms, a gym, a spa, and so many floors. My jaw dropped when I saw the pictures. It’s safe to say that I will be having a fantastic 5 days!

Second.. I finally tried Thai food for my first time! I chose to go with Pad Thai because it sounded the most appealing to me. You guys, it was love at first bite. The flavor! The spices! The amazingness! It was all too good. If you haven’t had Thai food, you really should go get some! You won’t regret it! Do you like Thai food? What do you like to get? 🙂


Thirdly.. I’m addicted to watching Supernatural on Netflix. It’s all I have on during the day when I am at home. It’s just so good! Please tell me I have some other fans out there with me as well?!

Fourthly.. I’ve been trying out a new split at the gym. I train four days, rest on the fifth, and then repeat. The first day is quads/glutes. BRING ON THE SQUATS. The second day is shoulders/back. The third day is hamstrings/glutes. The fourth day is Chest/arms. I really feel the soreness with this split. I have been hitting PRs (personal records) every week. I don’t bump up the weight drastically. Slow and steady wins the race. I have also been on the arc trainer afterwards, because I still have energy left in me. Oh, did I mention I bike to the gym and back? With all this work I do eat all the food! 😀

Fifthly.. when Amanda mentioned playing Farmville 2 on her iPad, I decided to give it a whirl. Amanda.. you got me hooked.


Sixth.. Arizona has been getting up into the 100s lately.. I am sweating all.the.time. Even when having breakfast! Hence another reason why I am excited to go to North Carolina.


Seventh.. I saw the new Transformers movie. I have to say that it was good! It dragged on a bit (2 hours 45 minutes..), but the movie caught my attention. Note to self, don’t watch an almost 3 hour movie at 11:45 pm. O.o

-P.S. Matt Damon is my favorite actor.

Eighth.. I am out of coffee. I will be more active in the blog world from now on. I have a delicious recipe coming your way tomorrow. 😉


I hope you have an amazing day! ❤


-What would you tell me over coffee?

-What have you been up too?

-What are you looking forward to?


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Thinking Out Loud ; Surprise Trip?!

Happy happy Friday everyone! I know I’m a day late (sorry Amanda!) to the party, but yesterday I just needed a day to myself away from all the technology. Ya feel me? I’m not so good on the intros, and I have a lot jumbling (don’t you like that word? :D) around in my mind, so let’s commence to the thoughts!


1. Yesterday I found out that I will be taking a four day trip to North Carolina in July! You guys, I have been wanting to go there for YEARS. My mom (out of nowhere) popped the question if I wanted to go with her in the middle of July. I was in shock at first, but then I immediately yelled yes. I mean, who wouldn’t? 😉 So far, we’ve planned on hitting the malls and the beach. We’re a bit stuck on what else to do, so if you know any good attractions, please leave suggestions in the comments below! ^_^

2. I have been rocking the el natural look for the past few weeks. I haven’t been feeling makeup lately so I just decided that I’m gonna be a natural babe from now on. So far, I’m liking it!#selfie #loveyourself #idontknowwhyimusinghashtags


3. I want to thank those who gave me kind words on my post from Monday. It truly means a whole lot to me. ❤

4. Remember waaaaaaaaaaay back in January when I was hit by a car and had a fractured neck and spine? Well, lately I have been building up my strength in the gym and I have been hitting PRs (WITH NO PAIN) left and right. They may not seem big for some people, but for me? Heck yeah do I get excited about it! 😀

5. I have been eating ALL.THE.FOOD. lately. Seriously, with the amount of activity I have been doing, I have been eating around 2500+ calories and I’m still leaning down and building up my strength. WAT. I’m not complaining though. I have been enjoying all the food and all the strength that has come from the food. EAT ALL THE CARBS. 😀

6. I have been hooked on crime shows on Netflix recently. You know the channel called ID? (Sorry, Amanda. I know you don’t watch much tv.) Well, I have found some shows that are on that channel and they have been on nonstop. #sorrynotsorry #thereIgowiththehashtagsagain

7. Is it just me or is the weeks flying by faster than the speed of life? Just yesterday it felt like the beginning of June and now we are approaching July. Man oh man..


8. Speaking of July, I am excited about the Fourth of July fireworks and BBQ. You already know it will be hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, and sparklers galore!


9. The one thing I’m not excited about though? This Arizona heat! It’s going to reach 113 degrees F next week. *GULP* O.O


10. Avocado is love. That is all.

I hope everyone has an amazing day and an amazing weekend! ❤


-Where do you want to travel to?

-What are your favorite shows to watch?

-Makeup or no makeup?

-What’s your absolute favorite food?


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Thinking Out Loud ; 5/23 (Mama’s Birthday!)

Happy happy Thursday Friday everyone! ^_^


I realize I am a day late with this post, but I have my reasons for why I am being late. First being that Wednesday night I was preoccupied for 4+ hours working on a project and didn’t finish until 11, and on Thursday morning, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to gather my textbooks to return, grab my project, and then study for the 3 exams I had. Man, has anyone else noticed that schools decide to cram in so much in during the last two weeks of school?! Better late than never for this post, right Amanda? 🙂


1. Not only is today Friday (WOOHOO!), it is also my mama’s birthday! *happy dance* There is so much I could say about this woman. She is my mother, my best friend, my protector. my nurturer, my support, my shoulder to cry on, my hero. My mom is the strongest woman I know, and no matter what, she is always there for me. She saved me from my disorder, she sat next to me every time I have been in the hospital, she has never left my side even when everyone else did. She is amazing. I have a few surprises up my sleeve for her. She isn’t feeling too well, so I can’t go all out, but I will make it special for her! ❤

2. This time next week, I will FINALLY be on Summer vacation! WAAAAAHOOOOOOO! Can you guys tell that I’m excited? 😉

3. Can you guys also tell that I am addicted to smoothies now? I have to (and I mean have to) have one or my day just won’t feel complete. I’m not complaining though. I have a special combo I have been especially loving lately. c(:


4. I really, really, really want to go on a road trip to Disneyland this summer. Also, I want to go to the beach. *fingers crossed* (Although it likely won’t happen…)

5. I find that when I am stressed, my sweet tooth goes wild. This week, I have been going to Red Velvet ice cream and cookies for night snacks. Is that normal? I’ll just go with it… 😉

6. I really love the smell of coffee in the morning.

7. I keep getting bug bites all over my legs! So attractive when wearing shorts and dresses.. not. *eye roll emoji*

8. Have you guys seen the emojis for Android phones?! They look so different. but cute! They kind of have more personality than the iPhone ones in my opinion.

9. The end of the school year is really hitting me right now. I don’t know why.. Oh man.. (Fight back the tears.. fight back the tears..)

10. I think I’m going hiking this weekend! WAHOO! 😀


I hope you have an amazing day! ❤


-What are you doing this weekend?

-What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

-What are your random thoughts of the day?


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Tell Me About You Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I want to start out by saying Happy 21st Birthday to my sister! I can’t believe she is already 21! I already know her plans for the weekend (considering she has told me quite extensively about them). Tonight, we are going to go out to Macayo’s with our family and her friends. I am really excited!


I want to spend a day answering the questions from Arman’s Spill It Sunday posts, so you can get to know more about me. Here’s the first of many to start on Tuesday. 🙂


1. In real life are you an extrovert or more introvert person?

-It really depends on who I am around. For the most part, I am an extrovert, but I do have my introvert moments. I’m a shy soul at first, but over time I open up more. I guess that is how it is for most people.. I like my times alone, but I also love being around friends and family.

2. If money was no object, where would you move to?

-California.. on the beach to be more specific or next to Disneyland. Seriously, that would be a dream of mine. You have no idea how happy I’d be. 🙂

3. What are your hobbies besides blogging, food and working out?

-Art (Duh), spending time with friends and family, listening too music and singing, watch movies, go out exploring, etc. 😀

4. If you have a sibling what do you have in common and where do you differ the most? If you are an only child tell me about your pet/ mother/ father, best friend …

-My sister and I both share the same humor, but we differ on a lot of things. She is more of a free soul that is more socially based where I am social, but I am more focused on an education and going after my dreams. She does go for what she wants, but I don’t think she is as motivated.

5. If you were able to spend one day as the opposite sex, what would you do?

-Wouldn’t that be an adventure? Hmm.. I don’t know what I’d do really..

6. If you could have any super power what would it be?

-The power to heal. I would want to be able to heal people with the magic touch. 😀

7. When you’re upset, what are you doing to cheer yourself up?

-I draw, I watch funny videos, I bake or cook (very therapeutic), I workout (THAT ENDORPHIN HIGH), I smile and remember all the good in my life. ❤

8. You have $500 to spend on anything you want – what would it be?

-Dresses, leggings, workout clothes, FOOD.

9. What is your favorite piece of art (painting, sculpture, architecture…)?

-The art of optical ground allusions.

10. If you were able to go back in time and give your teenage self any advise what would you say?

-I would tell myself that starving yourself and over exercising is not the way to go. You are not those thoughts that dictated your mind. Food is not the enemy. Being fit and healthy is so much more important than a thigh gap or a flat stomach.

I would tell myself the proper way to become healthy with the proper nutrition and exercise.

I would tell myself to stay strong and to always love myself.. no matter what.



I hope  you had fun reading this. Tell me about you! 🙂


-What do you do to cheer yourself up?

-What do you like to do for fun?

-Answer some of the questions above!


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