February Ipsy & BoxyCharm Review

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Over the course of the past few months, my love for beauty products have grown exponentially. For years I have watched probably over 1000 make-up tutorials, and my biggest inspiration has always been Michelle Phan. Seeing her grown as both a YouTuber and business women, it has given me that boost to finally venture on beyond mascara and eye liner to a full range of beauty products. I love expressing myself with different looks with different color pallets every day! Beauty products are something I invest in, because it is a major thing that makes me happy.


A few months ago, I learned that I could get boxes each month with beauty products to try out, and eventually buy if I like them that much! I get monthly boxes from Ipsy and BoxyCharm. For Ipsy, it costs $10/month for 4-5 travel/sample size products that match you answers on a survey that you take upon joining as a member. These products can be up to over $50. As for BoxyCharm, you receive 5-6 full size products for $21/month. They are not based on a survey, but the total of all of the products are up to over $100 in value.

I have tested out all of these products, and I want to share my experience and opinion of all them with you!



  1. Jessica Liebeskind Vintage lip gloss
    1. The color is beautiful on this product. Although I was not a big fan of the brush to apply the lip gloss, it did give me a sheen that could not be outmatched. It in a color I would put over a pink lipstick, because it does look a bit tacky on plain lips.IMG_20160218_141712
  2. Margaret Dabbs London nail filer
    1. I didn’t understand what the product was at first until I looked it up. I found that there are fine crystals that make up the file for a clean cut file. The file did not apply much force, and it did its job. I was very happy with the end result. My nails turned out smooth and had no sharp edges.IMG_20160218_141729
  3. Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”
    1. When it comes to nail polish, I have a hard time finding a polish that that covers the area with thick coats. This nail polish came out thick, but not in a bad way. It provided a full covered, and there were no streak marks when applying an over coat. Plus, the color is super cute! 😀IMG_20160218_141856
  4. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil
    1. I’m still iffy about this product. Although it acts as a good primer, it leaves my hands feeling oily for a few washes. I like to stick to a lotiony primer, because it feels like it applies more coverage. The oil is lightweight, and it does a good job, but I can’t really get past the oiliness.
  5. Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment
    1. I typically stick to tightly compacted pallet eye shadows, because they lack fallout, but this pigment was beautiful when blended with other eye shadows. As you could guess, this eye shadow is very pigmented. I thought it would be a but much with my fair skin, but it complimented both my blue eyes and red hair. There is a shimmer to it, and the sunlight really captures that. I would highly recommend it!



  1. Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String
    1. This body brush is great at exfoliating the skin! My skin felt a whole lot softer after using it the first time. The downside to it is the smell when it gets wet. It has a similar smell to Nair, and that smell makes me sick. I can get past that, because it is a great exfoliater, and my conditioner can out-smell it any day! 😉IMG_20160218_075355
  2. Beauty for Real Blush – Glow Stick
    1. My skin is very fair, so both the blush and illuminator showed up very clearly on my cheeks. The blush gave my cheeks a subtle natural rosy look (which I adore), and the illuminator (paired with my BH Cosmestics Carli Bybel highlighter) gave my face a dewy finish. I am all about that glow! 😀IMG_20160218_142412
  3. Shray Ms. Amazing Facial Mask
    1. The mask was very cold upon putting it on my face, and when I rubbed it in. It was a but painful at first (I’m a baby with the cold), but it started to feel very soothing once I let it settle. After taking off the mask, it left behind a thicker moisture to rub in. I noticed that my face felt softer and cleaner than usual in the morning!IMG_20160218_142241
  4. Ofra Banana Powder Gadget
    1. I used this powder as a powder foundation instead of an eye shadow. It complimented my foundation and helped oxidize to a more natural shade. The powder actually helped tone down the redness in my face, and there was no oiliness or smearing at the end of the day.IMG_20160218_142259
  5. Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum
    1. I’ve only used the serum for the past few days, and I haven’t noticed that much of a difference. My bags haven’t been so badly lately, so I hope that it is helping with that. I don’t have any wrinkles or crows feet from using make-up, but I hope that this serum will help to keep it that way!IMG_20160218_141319
  6. RealTree for Her
    1. I don’t wear perfume that often, but I do enjoy putting it on before school! It has a sweetier more flowery smell. It is a more intense smell after two sprits, but it is lovely. I would recommend it to perfume enthusiests. 🙂


Overall, I was impressed with all of the products. They had their pros and cons, but I cannot wait to see what I receive next month to review!


-Do you try monthly sample boxes?

-What are some of your favorite beauty products?

-Did any of these products capture your interest?

-What is something you did over the weekend?


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Thinking Out Loud #7 – Cravings Gone Wild

*happy dance* *happy dance*

It’s finally Thursday! I can say that I am loving Thursdays as much as I am loving Wednesdays on the blog world. I love drooling looking at other bloggers food creations as well as reading their random thoughts. I feel a bigger connection towards them. Ya feel? I first and foremost have to thank the lovely Amanda for hosting today’s link-up. You are creating a connection between bloggers world wide! 😀


1. You guys.. I have a confession. I have a new found love for a new-to-me drink. I crave it all hours of the day. I have already had one every day this week! It’s so sweet, refreshing, AMAZING. I love Diet Snapple Peach. There. I admit it. It’s just so good! I went to go see my long time best friend that I had not seen in over a year, and I stumbled upon this precious baby. I was freaking out when I drank it. I usually like to stick to my water, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee, but man! Make room in the fridge for my Snapples!

photo (68)

2. Like my craving for Snapples, I have also been craving Pho. I first had it in December for my birthday with one of my good friends. Did I fall in love with it. It was so tasty and I loved the kick from the jalapenos and sriracha I added into the mix. 😉 I was able to satisfy this craving with my mom with the chicken and shrimp combo. She has been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so I suggested we try Pho, because let’s face it, it works wonders for you. She fell in love. Like daughter like mother. 😉

photo (36)

3. I was probably the only one that hasn’t mentioned Valentines day around here, but I did get a bit of a surprise when I came home. I found this beautiful banquet sitting on the kitchen table when I came home from school. They were sent from my friend that was deployed in Afghanistan. Let’s just say I was swooning over the beautiful and thoughtfulness.

photo (67)

4. My iPod COMPLETELY deleted everything out of the blue! Music, pictures, videos, apps.. Poof. Gone! I was having trouble with my iTunes account for a while, but I didn’t expect it to delete everything! I lost so many precious memories.. Even my iTunes library deleted. I had to create a whole new account and start all over. Humph.. 😦

5. I have a Spanish oral test tomorrow. I am so bad at Spanish. I can understand pretty much the basics, but speaking it? No bueno. Especially speaking in front of everyone to answer 3 questions and describe a picture for a minute? No me gusta..

6. On the up side, I have a four day weekend this weekend! HOLLA. 😀

7. I went to my first physical therapy session on Tuesday and it was good! I got two massages (upper and lower back) and learned some stretches to do at home. My back is pretty tight, so I have another appointment today. I find out how many sessions I’ll need and when I can get back into the groove of thangs. Having high hopes!

8. The weather in Arizona has been PERFECT lately. It may be getting up to 80, but the wind just makes it all good. Why can’t it stay like this all of the time?! I would be more of an outside adventurer if it was. I am just not looking forward to the excessive heat that will be coming my way shortly. o.o

9. I’m going to end on an odd number, because why not? I hope you all have an amazing day! ❤

-What have you been craving lately?

-Do you speak another language?

-Tell me some of your random thoughts! 


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Stop The Body Shaming

Ever since the Biggest Loser controversy, body shaming has constantly been on my mind. I knew from a young age what “society’s” and the “medias” version of the “perfect” body looked like – skinny, flawless skin, the perfect hair, spot on make up, hip bones and collarbones prominent, wearing the latest trends, etc. Every day we are bombarded with ads that have been photo shopped telling us what to buy to look beautiful and  to lose weight.

The media, especially Tumblr, has been filled with images of the “ever-so-glorious” thigh gap, a flat stomach, quotes strongly implying that skinny is better than having some extra pounds. It’s filled with messages promoting all the new ways to lose weight and “feel better than ever.” Well, what if people are happy with their body?

The other day, I was in class and I kid you not, I heard a girl say “I’m fat. Look, I don’t have a thigh gap!” Oh, I didn’t know that just because you don’t have a thigh gap that you’re automatically fat. I was speechless after hearing that. My teachers reply, however, was spot on. “Just because you don’t have a thigh gap doesn’t mean your fat. Their are all different body types, and some just aren’t made to have a thigh gap. I don’t get what all the rave is all about. You have skinny legs. Big deal. Your mentality and personality is more important to be concerned about, not how little fat you have.” I agree with him 100%. Not all body are made to have the “thigh gap” or “bikini bridge.” They are just not structured that way. The reason some girls are able too, is because they have a wider hip bone structure.

On social media, I always see those tweets or posts glorifying a small waist, a big bust, a big butt, and “a pretty face.” I’ve seem posts making fun of people saying “Eww, she’s so fat,” “I’ll never date someone who’s fat,” “Where them skinny girls at?,” “I’ll only date a dime.” Honestly, that infuriates me and saddens me at the same time. What’s wrong with the girls who don’t have all of those physical qualities? Why are you only limiting yourself to those girls? Why are looks so important to you? What about the personality? This is not just about guys shaming girls, I’ve seen it vice-versa as well. “I’ll only date an athlete,” “my man has got to be in shape,” “I’ll only date someone who looks good and wears x type of clothing,” etc. What about the guys who don’t fit your physical standards? Why are you limiting yourself based on their looks? Why aren’t you expanding your horizon past looks?

I’ve witnessed people get shut down because of how they looked. They are some of the sweetest and most caring individuals I have come to interact with. They have a beautiful heart, and in my eyes, they are all beautiful and handsome. Just because someone doesn’t look like your “ideal” person, that has probably been influenced by the media, doesn’t mean you should make fun of them. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone has unique qualities about themselves. Look past what is glorified as what is “beauty.” I am tired of the body shaming. Nobody should be made fun of or discouraged just because of how they look and how much they weigh. Nobody’s worth is determined by the number on the scale or the size of clothing they wear.

I love the Aerie campaign, because they aren’t photoshopping their images. They are promoting love for all body types. If only more people would realize that it is not all about looks and what the media portrays. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are not defined based on your weight. You are worth it. You are amazing. Embrace your body and who you are. Nothing is wrong with you. It’s the media. Love yourself.

-What are your thoughts on body shaming?

-What advice do you have on loving yourself?


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