Reset and Reintroduce

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

I have been wanting to reintroduce myself back into blogging for the past year, but once my spark sets in, it suddenly dwindles down to a meer dim. Wow, didn’t that sound like it came out of a book? Lol! But all jokes aside, I have been back and fourth with the thought of rekindling my blog or just deleting it all together. It has just been sitting there for a while – with far too many fails of revamping it back up -, but after much deliberation, I found that it was because I wanted to keep a strict schedule with it. Ya know that whole W.I.A.W, Fun Fridays, yadda yadda ya, but that’s very repetitive to me personally. By no means am I bashing anyone that does that, it’s just not for me. I do still get those e-mails from some of my favorite bloggers and checking up on their thoughts, foods, and victories.

I’ve even wanted to try youtubing! I bought a camera, tripod, and an editing software, but it just didn’t feel right to me. I felt like I wasn’t up to the expertise standards and it all just flopped. I want to start making videos so bad, but I just have a back-in-the-mind thought always preventing me. I’m hoping that blogging again will help give me that umph.. or is it oomph?.. to start creating content. For now, I want to start small. I want to reset and start by a reintroduction of myself.

My name is Natalie Marie (last name with be hidden… for now), and I am 19 years old. I go to Grand Canyon University to receive my Bachelors Degree in Elementary and Specials Education. I’ve gone back and forth with Psychology and a fitness centered degree, but ultimately teaching has my heart. The thing that has me already stressing – TWO WEEKS BEFORE I START – is that I have not three… not four… BUT FIVE CLASSES this semester!!!! WUT. I just…. oh lordy lordy lordy. I can’t imagine how much sleep I am going to lose over the next four months. You may be thinking (or not…), “four months? That’s not so bad! Law students and medical students have it far worse!” Yes.. yes.. yes… I have been watching a lot of How To Get Away With Murder, and I see how stressed the eff out they get, but I barely made it through four classes last year. By the way, I am obsessing over How To Get Away With Murder a.t.m.

I live at my boyfriend’s mom’s house out in AZ. She owns a rescue, so there are A LOT of dogs running around and A LOT of barks going on throughout all hours of the day and night. I also have an adorable puppy Crush. I remember it like yesterday when I held him at 6 weeks old and declared he was MINE instantly. You know it’s just one of those instincts you have when holding an animal and being like, “You’re mine now you precious little creature.” Well, that was what it was like with Crush. He looks DRAMATICALLY different than he did four months ago. He actually turns six months old today! Cue the puppy treats and toys! I spoil him so much, but I know he loves it!

I also have two hermit crabs, and two (soon to be three!) tortoises, and they are all my little babies. My hermit crab names are Miso and Roshi. Roshi is far more active whereas Miso just keeps to herself a lot of the time. My tortoises’names are Sheldon and Berry. My newest tortoises that should come this week is named Toby. I live with a lot of boys… good thing make-up keeps my girly side in tact.

I work at PetSmart as a pet care associate/professional dog bather. I am around a lot of animals, but I honestly love it. I would have gone into the animal field with being a vet, but I CANNOT under no circumstance can stand blood. Not even my own! One sight and I get dizzy instantly. I may have my own animal rescue one day, but that will be in the way future!

I’ve covered some basics, but let’s get down the the cookie-cutter traditional questions..

-Favorite animal: Owls


-Favorite color: purple and rose gold!

-Favorite movie: Titanic! (FOREVER AND ALWAYS) – I even have a tattoo of a quote from the movie!

-I do have five tattoos. (One Lion King, one Winnie the Pooh gang tattoo, two quotes, and a bunch of roses)

-I am obsessed with Disney. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

-Favorite song: Closer by the Chainsmokers and Halsey

-I love me some make-up. I may or may not have gone on a lot of make-up sprees a few months ago…

-I am VERY big on skin care. (Current skin care products shown below)


-I love love love love love coffee.


-I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years now. ‚̧


-I am very into planning, organizing, and making lists.

-I am a big foodie.

-I love to exercise even though I also love to be super freakin’ lazy.

-I have taken three public speaking classes, and only the last one has made me more comfortable talking to people in public.

-I am a natural blonde, but I am rockin’ the red hair now!

-Hazelnut anything is my jam!

-I was born in upstate New York, but I have lived in Arizona for a majority of my life.

-I had heart surgery at three years old.

-I am extremely clumsy.

-I only lasted as a vegetarian for two years.

-I want to live a minimalist life, but I have a problem of accumulating a lot of things in a short amount of time.

I can’t really think of any more facts, but if you happen to have any more questions, you can ask my below!

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Dear Past Self,

*Disclaimer: Very personal.*


Dear Past Self,


I’m sorry for all of the pain I’ve put you through.


I’m sorry for the self doubt on your own existence. I’m sorry for the endless regrets and blaming you for everything even when it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry for making you waste endless hours on tracking, planning, and weighing food. You gave in to so many diet fads and lies. I destroyed you, but now I am repairing you. I sorry for the constant beatings I put upon you with endless hours of exercise. I’m sorry for doing 3+ hours a day and still not being satisfied. I fatigued you, I made your bones brittle, your hair fell out, you were told that you looked like you had cancer. I’m sorry for the late night scars across your wrists and waist. You didn’t deserve the physical pain you thought you deserved. I’m sorry for the lethal thoughts of feeling worthless. You are so much more than you could ever image. I’m sorry for giving into the eating disorders, the starvation, the purging, the binging, the picking apart. I’m sorry for the overwhelming sadness of depression. I’m sorry for all of the questioning, the stress, the pressure, the abusive words, giving into the pressure, etc. I am honestly sorry for everything.

I know I’ve put you through hell and back. I know there are scars that are both internal and external that are constant reminders. I know it’s hard to trust people, but there are people that love you. They love you and all of your imperfections. They want you here.. I want you here.¬†You have a mother and father that loves you ever lastingly. Yes, it wasn’t easy back then through the depression, therapy, and disorders, but they never stopped loving you. They were confused and didn’t know what to do. You have a sister that, even though she can make it seem like your life is hell, is proud of you and does not want to lose you. Relationships with siblings are not always easy, but through all the struggles comes a stronger relationship. You have a boyfriend that makes you feel beautiful. He treats you like an absolute princess and loves all of you, even your imperfections. You have friends that are here for you and accept you. You’re living life like you’ve always wanted to.


I cannot express how proud I am of you for fighting like a warrior through an endless amount of battles. There were cuts and bruises given along the way, but you did it. You fought the inner demons, and I know you can do it if they come again.¬†You’ve made an imprint on the lives of so many. You’ve found your aspiration to teach the special needs after college and also those who want to transition into a healthier lifestyle by becoming a personal trainer.


You’re happy and you learned to accept yourself. You’ve learned that the number on the scale does not matter and no numbers define you. You don’t weigh your food, and you are conquering the foods you use to fear. You are living a life of balance, and it is making everyone around you happy. You’re healthy and strong. You’re strong physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.


I’m not going to promise you that life from here on out is going to be easy, but knowing what you’ve overcome, it’s going to be so much more easier to get through. I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful you are. There is so much I want to say to you, but just know that I wouldn’t be there person I am today if it wasn’t for you. Thank you.



Your present self.



There Are Some Things I Need To Get Off Of My Chest

*DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be a more personal post.


If you have been reading my blog for some time now you know that I am a person who sees the optimism in every situation. I don’t like to look at the negative of anything, because who wants to do that? It’s just a downer. It’s not always easy though. As much as we all want too, we can’t always be happy 100% of the time. I’m all about being raw and real here.


1. Lately, I have been feeling like my mind is slipping back into my old ways. You know the ways of the eating disorder? Yes.. I know this is bound to happen and that I have to stay strong, but it’s hard. “Be a warrior. Persevere. You’re better than that!”¬†I have heard that oh so many times whenever I bring up this topic to a friend. It’s hard to take that advice sometimes when the ones I have been confiding too have not faced an eating disorder. I have started counting macros again, because I have gained weight and it scared me. I took one look in the mirror and I was not happy. Yes, I am training hard in the gym, but you need to keep in mind that I had (and maybe still have..) body dysmorphia. If you don’t know what that is, it is a body image disorder that has to do with seeing myself differently than other people.. in a not so flattering way.


I’m not happy counting macros, but I’m also afraid of gaining weight. Yes, I admit it. Before you think “She needs to work on her self confidence,” I want you to know that is what I do every day. I do love myself (although it may not seem like it). I am grateful and thankful for all that I can do. I just have a tainted mindset that I am working on.

You’re probably thinking.. why is she talking about this? Well, I am going on vacation tomorrow and I am nervous about not tracking. I’m nervous about eating too much or too little. I’m nervous I will binge. I am nervous I will feel guilt. I’m just being raw and real with you all here. I know I need to enjoy this vacation, and I will, I just.. I guess I need advice? Or something..?


2. This may sound like a huge contradiction, but i am an advocate of loving yourself regardless. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of bashing on Instagram. I have seen accounts promoting anorexia and telling recovering girls to eat less, I have seen pictures and comments being made about other people, I have seen the nasty side of people. I know… I know… everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the comments I have seen have disgusted me. I’ve seen bashing on “clean eating,” IIFYM (macros), intuitive eating, vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, training methods, bikini competitors, ¬†meal plans, progress photos, etc. I’m actually surprised how outrageous it gets sometimes. People are failing to realize that everyone is different. Not everyone will like the same things as maybe you do. I know people who choose to do pilates and yoga over lifting. I know people who would choose to do cardio instead of lift. Not everyone enjoys lifting. Not everyone enjoys counting macros. Not everyone enjoys meal plans or exercise plans. There are benefits to everything out there in the fitness and nutrition world. Some things work better than other things for people.

3. Do you ever go through those time periods where you just feel lonely? I have. I realize I have family and friends that are always surrounding me, but I just have this feeling inside of myself. I have confided into God, but I think it’s something I am missing as a person. I am happy the majority of the time. I’m still trying to discover what it is. Maybe it’s a hidden passion? Maybe it’s something I need to let go of. Maybe it’s something I need in my life. I don’t know.. I’m sure you get what I am talking about if you have felt this way. Any tips you care to share if you have?

I know this wasn’t a typical post of mine, but it’s what I wanted to get off my chest. It felt good to type this out. Maybe I can connect with some of you that has every felt like this or thought like this. Who knows? Any who, I need to pack still, so I will end this here.


I hope you have an amazing day and just wait for an epic food post tomorrow. ‚̧


-Any advice you care to share?

-Have you been facing any internal struggles lately?

-What are your thoughts on any of the topics above?


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Reassembling My Life

Over the course of the past few weeks I have had a lot of time to think. Since school has been out for vacation, I have had a lot of free time. With that free time came the time to really evaluate all aspects of my life. For some time now, I have not been feeling 100% myself. Partially I knew it was because of all the stress I brought upon myself with school, but there was another aspect that I only recently discovered.


If you have read my blog for some time now, you know that I have face multiple eating disorders ranging from anorexia, to binging, to overexercising and under eating, to restrictions, to body image, so on and so fourth. I had this ideal image in my head of the “perfect life.” That life mainly revolved around how I looked (how I really wanted to look). You already guessed it.. the skinny girl with the abs, the tight tush, bleach blonde hair, tan skin; the “perfect” image. I would thrive for that with restrictions and beating myself up if I felt as if I didn’t work hard enough. It was only about a year ago that I decided to let go of that image and follow the path to recovery. Recovery was a hell of a journey, and I am still even on that journey. In my head I still configure calories and macros. I thrive to burn the most calories, because now, I eat a lot of food. Food to fuel my body for all that I do. It’s a process. I do freak out sometimes, but hey, that is all apart of the process.


I also recently lost a few dear friends, because they were bringing upon unnecessary negative energy into my life. I made a promise to myself to live a life full of happiness and optimism. It really hurt to let them go, but in all honesty, I needed to in order to make myself happy. I tried to lift them up, but it just was not enough. A huge toll on my heart also took place not too long ago, but like I said, it was for the best. I have shed tears throughout the past few days, my heart does ache, but I know that it was better for both of us. Not every relationship in your life is going to work out. I’m sorry, but it’s just the truth.


Among my teenage years, I’ve carried burden after burden on my back. I have brought upon stress into my life that I didn’t need. I listened to others and let their emotions be the motive to what I did. I lost myself while trying to please others. I’ve made mistakes. I have messed up, a lot. I am not perfect. I am nowhere near perfect. I struggle with day to day things. With all of my mistakes, I have learned so many new lessons. So many lessons that I apply to my everyday life so that I do not make the same mistake again. I’ve gone through trial and error with eating, exercise, learning, relationships, etc. It’s how I’ve grown into who I am today.


After much analyzing and over viewing, I found that I have this big perception and plan of how my life is suppose to go. By now, I planned to of had a good steady job, a car, my license, a whole lot of money saved up, outstanding relationships, etc. You know what? I’ll admit that I do not have most of that. Primarily because it isn’t the right time for me. I have been through so many other things that I needed to focus on first. Those focuses have regarded health, education, family, and myself. I had so many ambitious plans that I set my eye on. I only focused on how I wasn’t achieving those goals rather than looking right in front of me and realizing what I have accomplished already.


I made a promise to myself to live a life in the now. A life where I focus on what will improve my life rather than dwell on what hasn’t already happened. I am choosing happiness. I am choosing self improvement. I am choosing optimism. I am choosing to take control of my life. I have big plans ahead of me, but I have also laid out a plan for the steps along the way. Greatness is to come and I am ready to¬†take the step in the right direction.



-No questions today.. just your thoughts.


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A Different Definition of Peace

Through all of the chaos in my life right now, I finally feel at peace. You’re probably thinking “Um, what the heck?! That’s a paradox. That does not make any sense!” Well, in all honesty, it’s the truth.


For the past few weeks, I have been beyond busy and stressed out with school exams and moving to a new house. I didn’t really know how to handle everything and put too much stress on myself. I made a promise to myself that even through all of of the chaos, I would find myself again. For the past 9 months, I was not 100% happy with my life. Primarily, it was because my focus was on pleasing others. In the process of pleasing others, I was blind to seeing how in reality, I was really helping myself by taking those extra steps I was afraid to on my own. I had a motivation. Although it may have not of been the best motivation to have, it still got me to do what I did.

Last Friday, I had a 3 hour and 15 minute AP Exam at 8 a.m. For weeks on end I was stressing myself out more than I really should have. Yes, it’s true that a little stress does help you perform better, but I am talking about full on anxiety here people! If you didn’t know this about me, I have a test phobia. You may be laughing, but it is a real thing. I love learning, and I obtain all of the knowledge provided, but when a test is placed in front of me, anxiety slowly starts creeping up on me and my mind goes blank. Back to the story, I took deep breaths throughout the entire test. I knew if I got a good score on this, I could get some serious college credit! For so long I was studying and practicing repetitively for this exam. I can’t discuss the exam, but when I finished. my mind instantly felt at ease. I felt confident in myself although I was stressing about it.


On Saturday, I had to both move to a new house and attend a three hour prep class at 9 a.m. The class was easy the first week, but as the weeks progress, it starts to get harder. Anyways, I had to get up bright and early and run around packing and loading up the moving truck. Everyone was stressing out and it was just crazy. I was worried I was going to miss the class or come unprepared. Another fact about me is that I have OCD. It developed over time due to all of the stress. I got a majority of the packing complete, I made it to the class, and afterwards, I still had the energy to keep helping my parents move. I’m not going to lie, it was not easy. You’re probably wondering what the heck moving has to do with being at peace? Well, to find my mother and father smiling once we got everything settled in and set up, I knew that things were going to get better. The other house put so many stresses into our life. I know that moving here is a chance to start anew and meet new people. It is going to be a change, but I am ready for a change.


I am also going to confess that recently, my “diet mentality” has come back. I immediately thought about going back to counting macros and pushing some beyond intense workouts again so I could look good in a bikini. My body image and self love was “womp womp” due to stress. I tried it for a day, but that put even more stress on me. I had a long talk with my mom and a long talk with God. Do you know how good it feels to finally open up about something that you’ve been holding in for so long? Yeah, it was that feeling x10000000 (Okay, maybe not that much, but it was pretty darn close!). Anyways, I realized that this stress will pass and so will the negative mentality that has been effecting me. One major stress brought me to a closer relationship to my mom and took my self-love to a whole new level.


In the mist of the chaos, I have made time to go out with friends in the evenings. Seriously, one of the best choices I have made lately. Being with my friends let’s me know that I’m not alone and that all that is going on right now is temporary. I tend to over think and become a “Negative Nancy” when I am by myself. I am not rational. Making that time was hard (when constantly thinking about the exam), but it was well worth it. I had no worries in the time I was with them.


For the rest of the month there is going to be a lot going on, but you know what? I’m ready to face it head on. I was worried about things that I knew I was capable of doing. I was letting the negativity win, because I didn’t allow myself the time to think rationally. All of these stressors have brought more peace into my life. Not primarily the peace as in “Oh, I don’t need to worry about anything!” I am talking about where I am learning new things about myself and what works best for me.


I have to admit, negativity does actually have some positivity to it. It’s how you look at the situation and choose how to deal with it.


-No questions, just your thoughts.


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Thinking Out Loud; 5/1

Happy May 1st everyone! 

By now, I think you know that I am no mastermind when it comes to intros. They’re pretty much the bane of my existence. I know it’s good to have that catchy intro to reel you in, but I think the thought of getting to see what is on other people’s mind let’s me overlook the intro, if short. I think I get the same amount of excitement as Amanda when it comes to see what is happening in others lives and how different everyone is in this community. This intro is longer than I expected, haha. Anyways, let’s begin the randomness in





1. My oh my.. I cannot believe that it is already the first to a new month. It seems as if this year is really wizzing by. (Wizzing? Who says wizzing anymore?) We are already a third of the way done of 2014. Is that blowing anyone else’s mind as well? In retro-spect (did I use that term correctly?), I am happy to say that there is only 22 more days of school left. Can I just get an AMEN for that? ūüėÄ

2. I have really been craving smoothies lately, but I haven’t been able to make any. I’m in the process of moving, and the blender has already been packed away. I was hoping to make Amanda’s banana bread muffins quick and easy, but I guess I will have to go old fashioned with the whisk and bowl. I know it will be worth it though. I am a fan of thick and creamy smoothies. I’ve never liked really liquidy, water-like smoothies.

3. As promised, I FINALLY finished my mask! It has been a long process, but I finally gotten it to the way I like it. It really did turn out better than I expected.


4. This year, I have met some pretty amazing people. One in particular is my close friend that is in my art class. She is literally like a sister to me. Things have been overwhelming in my life lately, and she has always been here for me. She’s held me when I cried, talked me through some of my deepest problems, been there for ideas/advice, triumphed with me at all the joys. She has always been there. ALWAYS. I know that even when we go our separate ways, we will always stay in each others lives. She’s one hell of a friend.

5. My body is still sore from the workout I did on Monday. I felt like doing leg day, and I kid you not.. in total, I did 1015 reps. Yes, you ready that number right.. 1015! I have been walking a little wonky lately, but I was really feeling the power. I pushed myself farther than I imagined I could. Goes to show how much our bodies are really capable of.

6. I don’t think I’m ready for the weather to reach close to the 100s over the weekend. I’m already getting some serious burn lines from the outlines of my shorts and shirts. I don’t know how I even survive Arizona’s heat. I’m really not looking forward to the close to 120s heat. Oh man.. Pool side for me all summer!

7. I have been having this song on repeat for the past week now. I love it so much. It’s so catchy and I always catch myself singing along to it.

8. In class, we are going to start reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy . I have heard some pretty fantastic reviews about the book. I’m excited to dig my nose into a good book finally (even if it is for school). ūüôā

9. I now have to take classes on Saturday mornings until the 24nd. It’s for a good cause, so I can’t complain, but another day at school? Oh my..

10. My goals for May are..

  • Do what makes ME happy
  • Finish school with good grades
  • Work on my yoga poses
  • Go out and be social
  • Try new things


11. Oh, and dresses are my thang now. ūüėČ



I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing month! ‚̧


-What are your goals for May?

-What is your favorite smoothie?

-What song has been on repeat for you?

-What’s on your mind?


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Thinking Out Loud #8 – NEDA & My Experience

As you may already know, this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) week. I hold this week VERY true and dear to my heart. If you weren’t aware, I suffered from not just one, but multiple eating disorders. Wow.. were those words hard to type. My disorders ranged from binging, to bulimia, to annorexia, to a body image disorder. I am actually in recovery as of right now.


Thank you, Amanda. ‚̧

1. I’ve only heard NEDA mentioned within the blog world, not out in the real world. I would inform my classmates if they knew what this week was and if they even knew what NEDA stood for. Did I get a big fat no. The number of eating disorder increases every year, and campaigns have been made, but why is this week not mentioned on the news? Eating disorders are deadly and people need to be aware of how rapid and widespread they are. I have been LOVING reading about other bloggers thoughts on this topic, because I feel like they get me and understand.

2. Like I mentioned earlier, I am in recovery. Yes, I still have food fears. Yes, I mentally count calories in my head. Yes, I get uneasy about schedules, what’s being cooked, and how it is cooked. I shy away from going back for more food or honoring all of my cravings. I admit to all of that. BUT, I am getting better with my food. Seriously, this past year I am finally eating more.

3. I guess you’re wondering why I developed so many disorders? Well, it all started in eighth grade. Man, were those the carefree years before hand..¬†It wasn’t until eighth grade when the messages of the media smacked me in the face. I realized I was over wight beforehand, but did I care about my body image? No. Did I actually enjoy food? Yes. Eighth grade was the time when I started paying attention to what people were saying. I started noticing how being skinny was the definition of beauty. Slowly I started covering up my body by wearing jackets and jeans every day (even in the sweltering heat of good ol’ AZ). It then led to eating less and less every day. Eventually, I wasn’t eating at all. I was always fatigued. My hunger was virtually gone. I lost 100+ pounds, my hair was falling out, my nails were brittle, I stopped getting my period. Ultimately, I slipped into a depression.

4. In my free time, I used to spend hours upon hours on tumblr scrolling through posts of skinny girls and how happy they looked. I thought that starving myself would make me happy (DAFUQ.) I obsessed over thee “diet rules” of going low carb, no fat, not eating past this time, eat every 2-3 hours, yadda yadda yadda. I wrote them down and had reminders everywhere.

5. You know what the really scary part of it was? My friends or family didn’t really notice until I had gotten down to 98 pounds at a 5’4 height. For years they didn’t seem to notice. All they thought was that my endless working out was paying off. I burned every single calorie I may have consumed. My friends thought the same. It wasn’t until when people hugged me that they felt the pressure from my bones and how it would leave me grasping for air.

6. Recovery is a choice. Recovery is a choice I made. Honestly, you can’t force something/someone to change, because by nature, it/they will resist. I saw how much it effected my friends, family, school, health, and relationships. Granted it took me quite some time, but I am grateful that I finally recognized what I was doing to myself.

7. One thing I have to stress about recovery is that it is a journey, but you are STRONG enough to conquer the inner thoughts and monsters. There are times where the thoughts are over powering, but you are a WARRIOR, you are FIERCE, you are STRONGER than they ever will be. Ups and downs along the way are bound to happen, but they do not define you. They are learning experiences.

8. I am ALWAYS here for you. I promise. Tweet me, e-mail me, comment below, heck- ask for my number and you can call or text me!

9. I love food. ūüėÄ

10. I hope you are having an amazing day. ‚̧

-What are your thoughts?

-What advice do you have? 

-What’s your favorite food?¬†


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