We’ve Got the Power in our Hands

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. Tumblr. Youtube.

Those are some of the names of the largest social media websites on the internet. There are millions of people that long on or go to these websites every single day. They hold the attention of both past and present generations. People are on their iPhones, iPads, iPods, Androids, tablets, etc. constantly liking, commenting, and sharing content. It’s pretty hard to go outside into the public and not see someone on their phone.

These websites hold influence to many actions and opinions, especially to the newest generation today. Pretty much every time I go out and about, I see an electronic in a child’s hand. I’ve heard, and seen, children talking about their profiles. They use derogatory terms like “thots” and other profanity, making judgments about themselves (like saying that they’re “soooo fat”), and especially judgments of other people for being different or not keeping up with what’s “cool.”

In my opinion, social media is a VERY powerful thing. It’s where people connect, learn new things or learn about what’s going on in the world, and open up their horizons to new ideas. BUT it also has the power of persuasion. Companies send out messages on what beauty “truly” is or what people need to do/buy to be accepted or “cool.” They have the power, on social media, to distort images of what people “need” just so they can get a quick buck.

I admit, I am constantly checking social media, and all throughout my scrolling, I’ve seen negativity on each of the websites listed above in some shape or form. People degrading other people for being different or not reaching their standards. As much as some people don’t want to believe it, words are a powerful thing. Beauty has been distorted by words and images. (You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”). What’s essentially “cool” has been altered by words over the years. What’s “wrong” has been distorted by words. Hate has been promoted. Envy has been promoted. Unrealistic expectations have been promoted.

In this situation, I don’t believe the phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” holds true here. I’ve fallen victim to, along with other people, judgment, envy, and hatred.

Social media has so much power, and in all honesty, it scares me. It’s worries me for the generation now and for future generations to come. Technology is everywhere and it is constantly expanding every day. Its intention was for good, but there has been so much negativity that has grown over the years on it. Yes, I agree whole heartedly that people have the right to speak their minds. I respect that people have their own views, but I think that people should spread more positvity rather than negativity.

“Your flame doesn’t grow any higher by blowing out anothers.” -Unknown.

-No questions.. Just your thoughts.

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