February Ipsy & BoxyCharm Review

Good morning/afternoon/evening! ❤

Over the course of the past few months, my love for beauty products have grown exponentially. For years I have watched probably over 1000 make-up tutorials, and my biggest inspiration has always been Michelle Phan. Seeing her grown as both a YouTuber and business women, it has given me that boost to finally venture on beyond mascara and eye liner to a full range of beauty products. I love expressing myself with different looks with different color pallets every day! Beauty products are something I invest in, because it is a major thing that makes me happy.


A few months ago, I learned that I could get boxes each month with beauty products to try out, and eventually buy if I like them that much! I get monthly boxes from Ipsy and BoxyCharm. For Ipsy, it costs $10/month for 4-5 travel/sample size products that match you answers on a survey that you take upon joining as a member. These products can be up to over $50. As for BoxyCharm, you receive 5-6 full size products for $21/month. They are not based on a survey, but the total of all of the products are up to over $100 in value.

I have tested out all of these products, and I want to share my experience and opinion of all them with you!



  1. Jessica Liebeskind Vintage lip gloss
    1. The color is beautiful on this product. Although I was not a big fan of the brush to apply the lip gloss, it did give me a sheen that could not be outmatched. It in a color I would put over a pink lipstick, because it does look a bit tacky on plain lips.IMG_20160218_141712
  2. Margaret Dabbs London nail filer
    1. I didn’t understand what the product was at first until I looked it up. I found that there are fine crystals that make up the file for a clean cut file. The file did not apply much force, and it did its job. I was very happy with the end result. My nails turned out smooth and had no sharp edges.IMG_20160218_141729
  3. Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”
    1. When it comes to nail polish, I have a hard time finding a polish that that covers the area with thick coats. This nail polish came out thick, but not in a bad way. It provided a full covered, and there were no streak marks when applying an over coat. Plus, the color is super cute! 😀IMG_20160218_141856
  4. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil
    1. I’m still iffy about this product. Although it acts as a good primer, it leaves my hands feeling oily for a few washes. I like to stick to a lotiony primer, because it feels like it applies more coverage. The oil is lightweight, and it does a good job, but I can’t really get past the oiliness.
  5. Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment
    1. I typically stick to tightly compacted pallet eye shadows, because they lack fallout, but this pigment was beautiful when blended with other eye shadows. As you could guess, this eye shadow is very pigmented. I thought it would be a but much with my fair skin, but it complimented both my blue eyes and red hair. There is a shimmer to it, and the sunlight really captures that. I would highly recommend it!



  1. Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String
    1. This body brush is great at exfoliating the skin! My skin felt a whole lot softer after using it the first time. The downside to it is the smell when it gets wet. It has a similar smell to Nair, and that smell makes me sick. I can get past that, because it is a great exfoliater, and my conditioner can out-smell it any day! 😉IMG_20160218_075355
  2. Beauty for Real Blush – Glow Stick
    1. My skin is very fair, so both the blush and illuminator showed up very clearly on my cheeks. The blush gave my cheeks a subtle natural rosy look (which I adore), and the illuminator (paired with my BH Cosmestics Carli Bybel highlighter) gave my face a dewy finish. I am all about that glow! 😀IMG_20160218_142412
  3. Shray Ms. Amazing Facial Mask
    1. The mask was very cold upon putting it on my face, and when I rubbed it in. It was a but painful at first (I’m a baby with the cold), but it started to feel very soothing once I let it settle. After taking off the mask, it left behind a thicker moisture to rub in. I noticed that my face felt softer and cleaner than usual in the morning!IMG_20160218_142241
  4. Ofra Banana Powder Gadget
    1. I used this powder as a powder foundation instead of an eye shadow. It complimented my foundation and helped oxidize to a more natural shade. The powder actually helped tone down the redness in my face, and there was no oiliness or smearing at the end of the day.IMG_20160218_142259
  5. Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum
    1. I’ve only used the serum for the past few days, and I haven’t noticed that much of a difference. My bags haven’t been so badly lately, so I hope that it is helping with that. I don’t have any wrinkles or crows feet from using make-up, but I hope that this serum will help to keep it that way!IMG_20160218_141319
  6. RealTree for Her
    1. I don’t wear perfume that often, but I do enjoy putting it on before school! It has a sweetier more flowery smell. It is a more intense smell after two sprits, but it is lovely. I would recommend it to perfume enthusiests. 🙂


Overall, I was impressed with all of the products. They had their pros and cons, but I cannot wait to see what I receive next month to review!


-Do you try monthly sample boxes?

-What are some of your favorite beauty products?

-Did any of these products capture your interest?

-What is something you did over the weekend?


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Hello, again!

Good morning (or evening)! It has been quite a few months – almost seven months – since I have last posted on my blog. At the time, it become so overwhelming as I was transitioning into more schooling, work, and spending time with family, friends, and my boyfriend. I am happy to say that I am back! For good this time! I’ve actually been wanting to for a while now, but I was… nervous to come back. I was nervous to open up about my life again, but so many great things have happened, and I miss sharing important events to whoever stumbles upon my blog.


Along with blogging again, I am in the process of starting up my own YouTube channel. In the past I started making videos on my blog, Visionesque, but I never took it so seriously. Those were the days where I planned to make videos, do voice overs to blog posts, blog every day, and practically be on social media 24/7. It lasted for a week, but then it became a little too overwhelming. I am coming prepared this time with an actual camcorder, a tripod, good camera quality, editing software, and an open mind. I’m hoping to reach a wide range of people with my videos, and for now I am thinking of making it a lifestyle channel. Of course the word “lifestyle” is a very vague word, but that opens up for a wider range of imagination!

I’d also like to do a little life update in this post – since I am returning and I want to catch up, or introduce some of myself, with you guys! To start off with my schooling, I did start going to a traditional classroom again for classes. I took a year to work in the online environment, but I feel more confident with my learning and work in a traditional classroom. It’s great to make actual friends that I can have conversations with instead of sending e-mails or commenting back and fourth on posts! For work, I am working two jobs right now. My first job is working in retail as the phone operator, and my second job is putting together lost orders for Macys! My retail job is a day job, and my second job is overnight, so I do unfortunately lose a lot of sleep some days. Le sighhh… Ya girl needs her sleep! Lol! As for my love life, I am going strong with my love, Donald. We have been together for almost a year and a month! We are planning to day a quick trip to Flagstaff this Sunday to see the snow, and once my birthday comes about in December, I will be going to Disneyland for three days! *Squeeeeeeel* I also got a new car, a great dane, and a tortoise named Sheldon!


I feel like  am in a place where I am genuinely happy with how my life is going. I am ready to take on new challenges with creating YouTube videos and blogging! I am doing this because I think it will be fun and a great way to connect with different people! I miss the connection I had with the bloggers I did talk to. You all really got me. I’m excited to be back, and I have a lot of different ideas as to what will come!

P.S. I have now officially taken on the nickname HunnnyBuns! ❤


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Let’s Talk: Coconut Oil

Good morning/afternoon/evening! ❤

The newest trend I’ve been seeing all over Instagram lately has been coconut oil. Okay, let’s be real here.. coconut oil has been a thing for a while now, and I’m just now discussing the topic. I saw it and thought, “Oh, it’s another tool used for cooking and for beauty regimens.” Little did I realize how fantastic it is for you! After doing some research and learning the science behind all of its wonderful benefits, I was grateful that I bought a jar of coconut oil a few weeks earlier. My initial intention for buying it was for my hair, but after learning why it is such a super food, I was pretty blown away.


Let’s first go into why coconut oil is considered a super food. First off, 90% of coconut oil is saturated fatty acids. It is made up of medium chain triglycerides that enable the fat to go straight to the liver from the digestive tract. In effect, it is a quick source of energy, a.k.a. made with ketone bodies. (Fun Fact: Ketone bodies reduces the risk of seizures by helping blood concentration.) The medium chain triglycerides have more energy than longer chains of fats. That means their is 5% more energy given in 24 hours. That energy helps aid in long term weight loss.


Of the 90% saturated fatty acids, 50% of those fatty acids are 12-carbon Lauric Acids. When they are enzymatically digested, it turns into a monoglyceride called monolaurin. Monolaurin kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Coconut oil has lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid. That means that coconut oil is antimicrobial, an antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and has soothing qualities. These acids help with kidney problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, and cancer. Coconut oil is also filled with polyunsaturated fatty acids, monosaturated fatty acids, poly-phenols, vitamin E, vitamin K, and iron. Pretty awesome internal benefits, right?! Well, it only gets better with these other benefits…

  • Reduces hunger (like most fats do.)
  • The saturated fats raise HDL cholesterol (the good kind.)
  • Improves dry skin.
  • Helps damaged/dry hair.
  • Blocks out 20% of the sun’s ultraviolent rays.
  • Used for oil pulling (which is now becoming more popular.)
  • The ketone bodies supply energy to the brain.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Aids digestion
  • Regulates the metabolism

Can you say “Heck yeah!” to coconut oil after reading all of that?! I sure can! I was hesitant at first when using it with cooking and eating, but I have to say it’s delicious. I’m excited to see what good it does for my body both internally and externally! I have also been using it on my lips, because the heat has been drying them out. I hope you learned something new and give coconut oil a chance! 🙂

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Happy 2015!

Here’s to the new year! Let it bring happiness, good fortune, prosperity, greatness, and a year full of new adventures. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me. A lot of good things have been happening lately, so I know good things are in store for me. I hope everyone is entering the new year with an open heart and mind for what the future holds. I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season. ❤


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Exciting Life Updates

Hey, everyone! Wow.. I’ve been a really bad blogger lately. I’m sorry! I have a reason though. I have been very busy with balancing everything in my life right now. I wanted to come back on, and give you guys an update on what’s been going on in my life. There has been a few great things that have happened, so I’m excited to share. 🙂

1. I got a job at YouFit recently. I haven’t started yet, but I am going to get my training schedule and regular schedule today. I have had a few conversations with the current workers, and I know that we are going to be good friends! I am excited to start working again, because it will help tremendously with school, buying a car, and other expenses. The work environment is very comfortable.

2. I decided that I will be doing an NPC competition in April. I have already decided that I am going to, and I have already started the process of transforming. I’ve spoken with a trainer, and she is very excited for me. She is a former competitor that will be going for pro. We have been working together for the past few days. I hesitated before, but now that I have a job and a trainer, I am ready! It will be a journey, but i am excited for it. 🙂

3. Speaking of trainers, I’ve formed a good friendship with the head manager at YouFit. She’s the one that has been training with me. We got along right off the bat, and she told me I even inspired her to go back to school. 😮 She’s very helpful, and I’m excited that we will be working together!

4. I am finally pretty comfortable with driving now. I have always been nervous about turning, but I’ve been getting a lot more practice. I yet have to drive on the freeway…

5. The new patch in Tera came out and I am making my way to level 65. My mystic skills are improving vastly, and I am thinking of creating some new characters to master as well. Gah, Tera is so addicting. 😮

6. I have a trip planned to go to Disneyland on January 4th-7th. I really hope I can go, but I don’t know if I can with starting this new job. It’s a gift for my birthday from my friend. I haven’t been in over two years, so fingers crossed!

7. I’m starting to get into reading again. I’ve taken some time off, because I have to do a lot of mandatory readings for school. That’s taken the joy out of reading for me. I have a three week break, so my inner book worm is excited. 🙂

That’s all I can think of right now. I want to know what you have all been up too! Let me know! 🙂

-What have you been up too?

-What’s exciting in your life?


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T.O.L 11/13 ; New News!

Good morning and happy thinking out loud Thursday!


It’s been quite some time since I’ve participated in the link-up party. (Sorry, Amanda!) Life has been crazy busy lately, so typing up this post will let me put my mind at ease. 🙂

1. I cannot stop listening to Blank Space by Taylor Swift and The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez. They are both so catchy, and I can’t get enough! I always catch myself humming or singing a tune from either one of the songs.


2. I got into this online game called Tera. If you don’t know what that is, it’s kind of like a mystical mid-evil game. I have a girl character named Day.dreaming. Her race is an elin and she’s a healer. I’ve been spending quite a few hours a day playing. o.o It’s soooooo fun!


3. I’ve been getting better at driving! I’ve finally went onto the major roads, and I’m still really nervous, but it’s been getting better! I just have to work on easing on the gas and brake. 😮


4. I’ve been lacking in the sleep department lately, but I find myself full of energy throughout the day. (After coffee of course. 😉 ) What is this madness?!


5. I am so so so ready for the cold weather. It has been hot for too long in Arizona. I’ve already got my beanies, sweaters, hoodies, mittens, scarves, and blankets all ready! 🙂

6. My diet Snapple peach tea kick is back! My mom bought a few packages for me, and they may or may not be already gone…

photo (82)

7. Did you hear about Toy Story 4 and the new minions movie coming out?! You guys, I don’t think you understand how excited I am about that!


8. I am on the hunt for an owl mug. I have been using some plain-Jane mugs lately, and I’ve been seeing a lot of cute owl mugs on Tumblr. If anyone knows of any places I can get a hold of, please leave a comment below. 🙂

9. I am so excited about being able to start lighting a fire in the living room. It’s going to make me even more excited about Christmas!


10. My birthday is in 26 days! ^_^


I hope everyone has/is having an amazing day! ❤


-What songs have you been listening too lately?

-Are you ready for the cold weather? 

-Tell me some of your thoughts! 


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